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30 Best Autism Blogs 2018

By ABAPG Staff
December 2017

The world of autism, including autism research and autism education, are ever evolving, making the blog the perfect forum where you can keep up with all that’s new and effective.

While there are hundreds of excellent autism-related blogs on the internet, we’re sure we’ve found 30 of the very best. Each blog on our list was chosen based on a list of factors including: the reputation(s) of the person(s) or organization(s) managing the blog, consistency and quality of posts, and the blog’s website metrics. The latter includes number of monthly hits, the numbers of Facebook and Twitter followers, and the number of websites that link to that blog.

So whether you prefer to subscribe, bookmark, or just immerse, we’ve got your list of the 30 best autism blogs for 2018.

Age of Autism

With an average 11 new posts per week, Age of Autism is a great blog to bookmark and refer to often. The blog keeps its readers up to date on autism news and analyzes environmental causes of autism and current treatment options from the perspective that autism is, in fact, treatable.

The Art of Autism

The Art of Autism is an inspiring blog written in an effort to inspire people with autism through the arts. About three new posts are added weekly, each of which is written from the unique perspective of a physician, therapist, or parent. The blog entries are always topical and informative, and also include lots of information about new art exhibits, neurodiversity panels, and entertainment events.

Aspified: A Blog by an Autistic Woman

Aspified is a blog written by Amy, an autistic adult. Amy posts about three times per month, on topics ranging from her various experiences being autistic to tips and tricks for managing her quirks and overcoming challenges. She even posts some poems and other examples of her creative writing.

Atypical Familia: 2 Typical Parents, 1 Extraordinary Kid with Autism

Lisa Quinones-Fontanez writes this popular family lifestyle blog from her home in the Bronx, where she lives with her husband and autistic son. Lisa’s posts are separated into such categories as autism, family, travel, and food & fun, making this a fun blog to dive into and explore. About two new posts appear each week, and recent articles have covered things like back to school shopping, some DIY projects, and tips for being a working parent when you have a child on the autism spectrum.

Autism and Oughtism

The author behind the cleverly titled Autism and Oughtism blog is the mother of two children with autism. She shares her experiences and challenges as the parent of two autistic children, but also writes frequently about bigger issues related to autism.

The Autism Dad

With more than 10,000 Facebook fans and 15,000 Twitter followers, The Autism Dad is the internet’s most popular autism-related blog that isn’t affiliated with a large organization. The blog is managed by a father of three autistic children who has made it his mission to “educate and help families like mine realize they aren’t alone.” On average, more than 30 new posts are added to the blog each week, on topics ranging from updates on his family to autism management tips and ideas.

Autism Daddy

The father of a teenage son with non-verbal autism is the manager of Autism Daddy, a blog followed by more than 150,000 people on social media. Not to be confused with The Autism Dad blog, Autism Daddy keeps its readers up to date on all that transpires in the author’s life, “the good & the bad, the pee & the poop.” New posts are published about once a month and are written on topics ranging from speech language pathology, to marriage, to tips for new autism parents.

Autism: Day by Day

Autism: Day by Day is the blog of Donna Ross-Jones, a single mother of a teenage daughter and a son with autism. Since publishing her first post upon the encouragement of friends, Donna’s blog has become a favorite among her nearly 5,000 Twitter followers. Besides recounting her personal experiences with autism, Donna shares practical tips and ideas from which just about any parent of an autistic child can benefit.

Autism Eye

Autism Eye is the official blog of the quarterly magazine of the same name. Both the blog and magazine are written by award-winning journalists who also happen to be the parents of an autistic child. About two new articles hit the blog each week, and recent topics have included new drugs that boost brain connections, the need for better sex education, and respite centers.

The Autism Helper

While most autism-themed blogs are written by those with autism, or by parents of those with autism, The Autism Helper is written by Sasha Long, a behavior analyst and special education teacher. This unique perspective makes it an invaluable resource, and the blog posts often include things like educational tools and worksheets, answers to parents’ commonly asked questions, and tips for working around different behavioral issues, among many other things.

Autism Mom

When Elizabeth quit her job to care for her autistic son full time, she began this blog to document her challenges and share them with parents in the same boat. The result is an easy addition to our list of the 30 best autism blogs on the internet, and a valuable source for other parents. Elizabeth’s documented experiences with her son provide you’re-not-alone-style support for others, as do her many ideas and strategies for overcoming common challenges.

Autism Resources and Community

This autism-focused blog at Stages Learning posts about once per week, and has tons of great information for persons interested in the subject. Posts are often written by therapists and educators, and common topics include resources, lesson plans, general support, updates, and information on various treatment options.

The Autism Site Blog

The Autism Site Blog has become an invaluable resource for the thousands of families coping with the challenges of autism. In fact, to form a community and provide assistance is exactly how this blog got started. Today, new posts appear daily and the blog enjoys more than 200,000 Facebook followers.

Autism Society Blog

The Autism Society Blog is the country’s foremost grassroots autism organization, so you can be sure their official blog is chock-full of inspiring stories and useful information. Indeed, each of the twice-monthly blog posts are meant to increase the public awareness of common issues faced by those on the autism spectrum. Therefore, common post topics include advocation of new services, latest treatment information, summaries of new research, and lots more.

Autism Speaks’ Blog

Autism Speaks is perhaps the most recognizable autism organization in the world, so its official blog made for an easy addition to our list of the best autism blogs 2018. The blog is the perfect resource in which to immerse yourself, as topics covered include tips for practicing social skills, answers to commonly asked questions, analysis on the latest research, and much, much more.

Autism With a Side of Fries

For an honest look at a mother’s experiences with her autistic son, there may be no better blog than Autism With a Side of Fries. Eileen, the blog’s author, uses humor and passion to tell stories of her daily challenges and triumphs, and to remind her readers that when it comes to autism, “It’s better to laugh than to cry.”

Best Practice Autism

Best Practice Autism is the informative blog of Dr. Lee A. Wilkinson, physician and author of A Best Practice Guide to Assessment and Intervention for Autism and Asperger Syndrome in Schools. Though more clinical than most other blogs on our list, Best Practice Autism is chock-full of valuable tips and information about autism assessment and education. Dr. Wilkinson posts about three posts per month, and recent topics have included “Catatonia in Autism Spectrum Disorder,” “Back to School: Tips for Parents of Children on the Autism Spectrum,” and “Assessment Tools for ASD.”

A Diary of a Mom

Despite its unassuming name, A Diary of a Mom is one of the most popular autism-themed blogs on the internet. Jess, the titular mom and manager of the blog, has over 330,000 Facebook followers, all of whom tune in to read Jess’s thoughts on things like intersectional advocacy and the power of community. Posts range in topic from her own family to autism in national politics.

Embracing the Spectrum

Teresa Cooper’s blog began as a way for her to reach out to other parents of autistic children for encouragement. Since her first blog post, Embracing the Spectrum has become one of the top autism-themed blogs on the internet. Teresa shares her experiences of parenting an autistic child, describing with passion that ways in which she has come to “embrace autism,” not just live with it.

Faith, Hope, and Love…With Autism

This inspiring blog written by the parent of an autistic child is the story of Philip, who remained nonverbal for the vast majority of his life. The blog follows Philip’s journey from silence, to communicating via letter board, to his current state of communication. The blog’s author also writes about staying faithful to God during the most difficult challenges.

Flappiness Is…: Navigating the World of Early Childhood Autism with One Special Little Boy

Flappiness Is… is the delightful and informative blog of a mother of a young child on the autism spectrum. New posts appear monthly on topics such as raising a child with autism, latest autism industry news, and reviews of autism-themed books, apps, and other resources.

Go Team Kate

Go Team Kate is a social media favorite and one of the best autism blogs on the internet. More than 15,000 people tune in for weekly posts following a little girl named Kate’s autism diagnosis and her family’s challenges and victories.

Joseph and His Amazing Spectrum Coat

This endearing blog recounts the story of Joseph, a young autistic boy, from his initial diagnosis to the present day. Each blog post is laugh-out-loud funny, though often emotional too, as they cover topics to which any parent of an autistic child can relate.

Just a Lil Blog

Just a Lil Blog is a must-read for those readers who are looking for a humorous perspective on what is often a very serious subject. In fact, Just a Lil Blog can be downright hilarious. Written by Jim Walter, a single father of two daughters, one of whom is autistic, Just a Lil Blog documents Jim’s unique and challenging experiences with honesty, humor, and lots of love.

Look Me in the Eye

Look Me in the Eye is a unique blog for a number of reasons. First, while most blogs deal with the autism experiences of young children and their parents, this blog is written by John Elder Robison, an author in his 60s who has Asperger’s Syndrome. And while most autism-themed blogs either recount challenging experiences or present educational material, Robison’s blog doubles as a literary serial of his life with Asperger’s and an educational blog with his thoughts on the evolution of the autism spectrum over the decades.

Rhema’s Hope

Parents of nonverbal children are sure to find Rhema’s Hope to be an inspirational and must-read blog. Though Rhema’s name actually means “the spoken word,” the young girl was unable to speak for her first several years of life. Rhema’s mother manages the blog, and documents her daughter’s triumphs in learning to communicate along with the daily struggles of caring for a child with autism and an additional seizure disorder.

Seattle Children’s Autism Blog

The Seattle Children’s Autism Center is one of the foremost of its kind in the country, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that its official blog is one of the best of its kind. The blog features all kinds of helpful information for parents of children with autism, including encouraging stories, how-to’s, tips for keeping one’s patience and sanity, and even a blogcast.


While there are dozens of excellent blogs written by parents of children with autism, there are far fewer blogs written by autistic parents of autistic children. But Stimeyland is one of those rare blogs. Stimey’s experiences as an autistic parent herself provide readers with a unique perspective on common challenges, major triumphs in life, and recently, her daughter’s coming out as transgender.


Squidalicious is the popular autism blog of Shannon Rosa, a self-proclaimed geek and mother of the teenage Leo, who has autism. Shannon’s blog is often humorous in tone, even as she writes about the challenges she and Leo face, new information (and misinformation) in the world of autism, and even politics.

Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism

For those who wish to immerse themselves in an informative blog with evidence-based articles on autism, look no further than Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism. The blog posts approximately four in-depth articles per month, each of which is written by an autism parent or autism professional.