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Are you looking for an autism job in Miami? Whether you’re a new ABA professional, or someone experienced looking for a change, this ranking can help you find the best ABA organizations to work for in the Miami area. The descriptions of each organization detail the benefits available to full-time employees, pay that can be expected in various positions, and other information. The ranking is broken into two sections: the first consisting of organizations based locally in Florida with offices in the Miami metro area, and the other comprised of national organizations that operate in multiple states and have offices in Miami. Each of the organizations in our ranking is listed among Miami-area providers of behavior analysis services by Autism Speaks. Each of these organizations has been reviewed by employees on and and is ranked according to its average review score.

Local Companies

#1. Behavior Analysis Inc.


At Behavior Analysis Inc. ABA Therapists earn $10-$11/hr. and BCBAs can expect $53,000-$58.000 per year in compensation. 66% of employees who reviewed Behavior Analysis Inc. on would recommend the company to a friend. Full-time employees receive health, dental, vision, life, and disability insurance along with mental health care. Employees can also earn performance bonuses, invest in a 401k retirement plan, and take advantage of vacation, PTO, and paid holidays.

Featured Programs

#2. Infinite Personal Possibilities

The current positions open at Infinite Personal Possibilities include BCBA, RBT, and Behavior Assistant. These positions start as independent contractor positions in which BCBAs and licensed therapists earn $45.00-$60.00/hr., while the RBT and BA positions offer wages in the $16-$22/hr. range. Infinite Personal Possibilities provides treatment to clients throughout Dade and Broward counties.

#3. Children’s Center for Development and Behavior


The Children’s Center for Development and Behavior has been serving autistic children and their families since 1999. Employee reviews report that they have ample opportunities to learn while working under accomplished professionals in speech therapy, psychology, and occupational therapy. Behavior therapists and ABA therapists earn $18-$20 per hour based on position and experience.

#4. Positive Behavior Services


Most of the jobs at Positive Behavior Services seem to be on a part-time hourly basis. RBTs can earn up to $20/hr.and receive free 40 hour RBT training. Employees also have monthly training in all areas of ABA via video conferencing. The company also pays for the RBT application and board test. BCBA positions at Positive Behavior Services pay between $50.00 and $75.00 per hour.

#5. New Way Day Services

New Way Day Services is primarily hiring part-time and contract positions. Among employees who reviewed New Way Day Services on 61% approve of the CEO. Behavior therapists at New Way Day Services earn around $11/hr., but the rate varies based on experience. New employees are required to go through registered behavior technician training as some insurances have started requiring this for services to be covered.

National Companies

#1. Building Block Resolutions Inc.

Building Block Resolutions provides behavioral therapists with training to help them meet licensing requirements. Behavior therapists earn $14-$16 per hour. The employee reviews indicate that there are ample opportunities to grow within the companies. Other features mentioned by employees are having direct access to upper management, and the flexible part-time scheduling available.

#2. Positive Behavior Supports

At Positive Behavior Supports behavior therapists who work as hourly contractors make around $18.75 per hour while behavior assistants earn $17/hr. Hourly RBTs make between $19 and $24 per hour. Employed behavior therapists earn $12-$22/hr. BCBAs earn excellent money for the field at $81,000-$89,000 per year. Benefits are available to employees who work 30 or more hours per week for PBS. Several employees mention the benefits in their reviews as one of the high points of the company.

#3. Autism Therapy Group


Autism Therapy Group pays their employees very well with ABA therapists making $19.45/hr. on average and BCBAs earning as much as $84,000/yr. Autism Therapy Group strives to provide growth opportunities for ABA therapists within the company. The position offers the opportunity to gain supervised independent fieldwork hours for those seeking to complete a practicum. BCBA positions are full-time and offer benefits.

#4. Butterfly Effects


Butterfly Effects is one of the larger companies included in this ranking. ABA therapists and tutors earn $15.50-$16.74/hr. Behavior technicians earn $17.65/hr. while the range for ABA therapists who work as contractors is $16-$18/hr. and full-time BCBA employees earn between $50,000 and $70,000 per year. Out of 65 reviews, 84% of employees approve of the CEO, which is outstanding.

Featured Programs

#5. Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health


Devereux is a huge company that provides a variety of services throughout Florida and the United States. Positions are opening all the time. Employees are eligible for time off benefits after 90 days of employment Devereux offers early childhood services in Miami/Dade County and has a service center in Dade/Broward County. After six months of full-time active employment, you can take advantage of Devereux’s tuition assistance benefit.


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