30 Great Jobs for People on the Autism Spectrum

As more and more individuals with autism enter the workforce, it is becoming clear that finding just the right job presents a bit of a challenge. That’s why we began researching 30 ideal jobs for people on the autism spectrum. Because each person is unique, and no one’s experience with autism is the same, we included on our list a variety of jobs, from janitor to veterinarian. While some will be most suitable for those who may be non-verbal or who have additional challenges, others will be most appropriate for those with high-functioning autism or Asperger’s. However, all of our listed jobs were recommended to us by those on the autism spectrum. We’ve even included the average salary for each job, according to PayScale. Keep scrolling for 30 ideal jobs for people on the autism spectrum!


Average Salary: $51,024
For the high-functioning person with autism who enjoys crunching numbers, the job of accountant is ideal. Accountants usually work for companies, but sometimes work for themselves. Tasks include:

  • managing budgets
  • filing taxes
  • keeping balance sheets
  • creating sales and cash flow reports, to name a few.


Average Salary: $90,264
Actuaries are analysts for insurance companies. They use statistical analysis to determine how insurance companies can stay financially healthy, how likely an accident is to occur, and what types of policies should cost more than others. People who become actuaries typically work in office environments, have a good head for numbers and large amounts of data, and enjoy statistics.

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Average Salary: $66,120
Those who enjoy building and designing are sure to like the idea of becoming an architect. An architect designs and develops structures like houses and buildings. An architect must be organized enough to work on multiple projects at once, skilled enough to communicate with a team, and disciplined enough to ensure accurate designs.


Average Salary: $56,244
If you like mathematics and are skilled enough with numbers to catch errors, then the job of auditor might be ideal. Many auditors are self-employed, while others work for companies and the government. Auditors are responsible for checking the accuracy of:

  • business records
  • municipal records
  • financial records.

Automotive Technician

Average Salary: $49,902
Love cars? Good with your hands? Then how about a job as an automotive technician? Automotive technicians perform routine repairs and maintenance on vehicles. They may work at an auto repair shop, a car dealership, or have their own business. While some interaction with customers may be necessary, most of the job is working alone on the car or truck.


Average Salary: $48,372
The carpentry profession is great for anyone who enjoys building, working with their hands, and spending time outdoors. Carpenters create the wooden products that are used to build structures, doors, window frames, and furniture, among other things. Required skills include:

  • working with tools
  • basic math proficiency
  • the ability to read blueprints.


Average Salary: $22,500
A cashier at a retail store or a grocery store is one of the most popular jobs for people on the autism spectrum. Though it involves interaction with customers, the job also follows a routine, and varies very little. The happiest cashiers are those who find jobs at their favorite places.


Average Salary: $36,787
There are lots of people on the autism spectrum who enjoy cooking. Baking, which requires strict adherence to a recipe, is especially popular among those with ASD. For someone who would like to make a career out of this interest, then the role of caterer is a great option. Caterers must work with customers to develop and create a menu for:

  • wedding receptions
  • baby showers
  • business conferences
  • other special events.

If catering interests you, but you’re intimidated by customer service, consider applying for jobs in a bakery or at a restaurant.

Computer Programmer

Average Salary: $62,841
Best for those with high-functioning autism or Asperger’s Syndrome, being a Computer Programmer is ideal for anyone who enjoys:

  • coding
  • designing software
  • playing with computers

Computer programmers typically work in office settings, where they code or write computer software, then troubleshoot and debug that software.

Data Analyst

Average Salary: $60,123
Data analysts look at large amounts of data on a particular topic, then use that data to form conclusions and create charts or reports. Mathematical skills are necessary, as is being comfortable with programs like Excel, SharePoint, and SQL databases. Though data analysts must be able to work with clients and managers, a good portion of their work is done on their own.

Data Entry Clerk

Average Salary: $33,402
The job of data entry clerk is common common among those on the autism spectrum. People with ASD appreciate that this job rarely requires anything more than a high school diploma. Plus, the work is solitary and does not vary much from day to day, meaning it’s easy to stick to a comfortable routine. Data entry clerks are employed by companies, and tasks include:

  • entering information into a computer database
  • transcribing information from recordings
  • keeping data rosters up to date.

Dog Trainer

Average Salary: $35,722
A dog trainer is a great job choice for any person with autism who loves to spend time with animals. While most dog trainers work with private clients to train puppies and adult dogs in basic manners, others work with dogs who need to overcome fear or bad habits. Others train dogs for movies and television.

Financial Analyst

Average Salary: $60,526
Another ideal job for a person who’s skilled in mathematics is that of financial analyst. Financial analysts study marketplace trends and demographics, and help their employer make smart investments. Organization and attention to detail are important skills for a financial analyst to have, as tasks include:

  • creating budgets
  • reports
  • doing analysis.

Forensic Science Technician

Average Salary: $49,490
If the thought of blood, gore, and bodies doesn’t bother you, then consider pursuing a job as a forensic science technician. Forensic science technicians work for police departments. They work with forensic scientists to gather and analyze crime scenes. A forensic science technician is responsible for:

  • observing evidence
  • preparing diagrams
  • writing reports.


Average Salary: $36,248
A job as a gardener is an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys spending time outside and working with their hands to create natural beauty. Most gardeners are self-employed, or work for small landscaping companies. Others are employed by schools, businesses, or a city’s Parks and Recreation department. Tasks include:

  • mowing
  • planting flowers
  • weeding
  • trimming hedges.


Average Salary: $28,989
Janitors are an integral addition to any school or office setting. They are responsible for:

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  • cleaning floors
  • removing garbage
  • maintaining restrooms and kitchens
  • making minor repairs

Many people are drawn to the role of janitor because it involves working by one’s self, and does not usually require anything more than a high school diploma.


Average Salary: $40,390
For those with an interest in current events and a good grasp of the English language there is journalism. Journalists can work for:

  • websites
  • news organizations
  • newspapers

Though researching and writing articles is typically done on one’s own, the job often includes interviewing a variety of people.


Average Salary: $50,167
A librarian may be the perfect job for the book lover with autism! Librarians may work at:

  • a public library
  • a government library
  • a school or university library

Librarians are typically responsible for maintaining the library’s collections, organizing documents, and checking books in and out.

Mechanical Engineer

Average Salary: $70,427
To be a mechanical engineer, a person must be skilled in the use of software and have good problem-solving skills. We think this describes a lot of people on the autism spectrum! Mechanical engineers help plan and manufacture new types of products. So they must also work well on, and communicate with, a team. For this reason, the job of mechanical engineer may be best suited for those with high-functioning autism or Asperger’s.

Medical Lab Technician

Average Salary: $55,298
To be medical lab technician, one must be interested in anatomy and medical science, have good organizational skills, and be unafraid of things like blood and urine. Lab techs work with people of all ages and backgrounds, and collect samples that need to be tested. Then, they use microscopes and other tools to test those samples.


Average Salary: $55,129
While most people think of the weather person on their local news station when they see “meteorologist,” the vast majority of meteorologists do not present their findings to a live television audience. Rather, they make observations and predictions about the weather, study historical data, and create weather-related graphs. Then, they present their findings to:

  • television meteorologists
  • newspapers
  • farmers
  • other groups.


Average Salary: $48,132
Paralegals research all sorts of legal, business, and regulatory information for the lawyers they work for. Other tasks include filing documents, and accompanying lawyers to client meetings and court as a sort of assistant. Paralegals must be very organized, have an excellent command of reading and writing, and be comfortable asking a series of questions to potential clients.


Average Salary: $46,179
Those on the autism spectrum who enjoy being creative and taking photographs may do very well as a photographer. Most photographers work for themselves, so their hours, clients, and work load are entirely up to them. While some photographers photograph nature or places for magazines, stock photo websites, or websites, others take photos of:

  • weddings
  • families
  • new babies
  • graduations.


Average Salary: $53,208
Everyone needs a plumber at some point! Though it requires some talking with clients, most of what a plumber does is done in solitude — ideal for the plumber with ASD who would prefer less interaction. Plumbers install and maintain water systems in homes and other buildings. Common tasks include:

  • installing new systems
  • cutting new pipes
  • fixing toilets and appliances.

Software Engineer

Average Salary: $85,009
Those who enjoy computers, codes, and working [mostly] alone might really like the idea of being a software engineer. Software engineers are typically the people who help to develop different software functions as created by the software design team. Working with programmers and coders is a must, though software engineers are bound to have lots of time building and testing functions on their own.

Software Tester

Average Salary: $56,170

Software testers are the ones responsible for testing new software programs before they are sent to clients or made available to the public. The job typically consists of running automated and manual test to ensure the software is free of bugs. For this reason, an interest in computers and programming is vital.

Technical Writer

Average Salary: $57,757
Technical writers are the people responsible for writing instruction manuals and other documents that communicate technical information. They often work in office settings and are employed by companies. Other times, they work from home. Successful technical writers must be organized and have a good command of language.

Veterinarian or Veterinary Technician

Average Salary: $80,396 (veterinarian), $33,699 (Veterinary Technician)
Because many people on the autism spectrum love and feel comfortable around animals, the jobs of veterinarian and veterinary technician were recommended to us over and over again as great jobs for people with autism. While a veterinarian is the main doctor for animals big and small, a veterinary technician meets each animal first and charts its weight, symptoms, and any concerns its owner may have.

Video Game Designer

Average Salary: $64,482
Because lots of people — including many on the autism spectrum! — enjoy playing video games, the job of video game designer is an intriguing one. Video game designers use computers and gaming systems to create playable games for others. Usually, the job involves:

  • coming up with an idea
  • assisting in its design
  • testing it to be sure it’s free of all bugs before release.


Average Salary: $49,533
Anyone who has a good grasp of the English language can find a way to make a living as a writer. While most people think of writers as those who write books, that’s not always the case. Many writers make their living as freelancers — that is, those who write articles, web content, and other pieces for:

  • websites
  • magazines
  • newspapers
  • businesses
  • anyone else who needs something written.