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5 Apps for Better Mental Health

5 Apps That Help Boost Mental Health

  • Headspace
  • Water Your Body
  • Mood Panda
  • SuperBetter
  • 7 Cups

Maintaining a high standard of mental health can be difficult when one is managing many spheres of life, but there are many applications available that aim to restore the balance. While they’re undoubtedly helpful for those meeting specific challenges, such as anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder, these apps are user-friendly for everyone, whether they’re a student, a corporate spokesperson, or a working in the mental health field themselves. Here are five apps that boost and maintain a healthy mental focus.

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1. Headspace

When redressing the stress and demanding pace of modern life, mindfulness is one of the most effective methods. Paired with calming meditation, this application provides users access to a number of exercises that enhance that behavior. The app offers all registered users ten free days of content to begin their mindfulness journey. While they may then opt to subscribe for a small monthly or yearly fee, individuals can also continue to access the free content without taking this step. The aim is to enable individuals who suffer from anxiety, depression, or the effects of PTSD to immediately address their needs through guided meditation and active mindfulness.

2. Water Your Body

According to an article for Psychology Today, Dr. Gaoli Saedi Bocci lists the Pink Pad Free app among her top picks for health and nutrition tracking. Maintaining a high standard of nutrition, daily motion, and adequate, restful sleep is crucial to good mental health. That’s not just for those working with challenging conditions, but for all human beings. Most adults don’t drink enough water during the day. Believe it or not, this impacts how the brain and body function, and can seriously impact mental wellbeing. This app makes logging consumption of water simple and fun, which can make the difference between hydration and dehydration easy to track.

3. Mood Panda

It’s cute and easy to use, which make Mood Panda a great tool for analyzing and understanding how moods shift throughout the day and over the course of the week. Essentially, it’s an online journal application that allows users to record their feelings and thoughts. However, the platform also provides a supportive community for those in need of contact. When coupled with guided therapy, such journals and feedback received from a network of fellow travelers can enhance an individual’s journey to maintain their mental health. No matter what challenges they face, understanding their internal landscape and its shifting nature is critical to a healthy outlook.

4. SuperBetter

While there are many adorable or amusing applications across the range of mental health improvement programs, SuperBetter is something a bit different. Of course, its designers are absolutely serious about helping users cope and surmount the challenges of depression, anxiety, PTSD, chronic illness, and even conditions that cause chronic pain, but they go about it in a unique fashion. By designing an app that mirrors online gameplay techniques, they offer their clients a different perspective. Using real milestones in pain or mental health management, the designers provide individuals with goals and missions, quite similar to popular video and online gaming designs.

5. 7 Cups

If recent research is correct, social isolation and loneliness are serious issues facing many modern cultures. They also tend to deepen existing troubles, especially anxiety or depression. But there are excellent ways to manage such feelings. According to the Independent, 7 Cups offers users instant access to a supportive community. And while they may elect to chat online in a text format, the app provides even more support. Having an actual conversation with a person who understands what’s happening can have an immediate and palliative impact on a number of psychological conditions. Add the automatic anonymity feature that the application offers users, and any hint of stigma or weakness completely vanishes.

Everyone needs help to balance their mental state at times. These apps aren’t merely for those actively engaged in therapy for a specific challenge, such as anxiety or depression. Maintaining psychological and physical health can be a tall order, even if everything seems perfect in life. That’s why these five apps help to enhance mindfulness, provide an outlet for stress, or offer the comfort of human contact—in essence, they’re ideal for anyone seeking better mental health.