10 Blogs About Applied Behavior Analysis

Do you often read or follow blogs? Maybe you even have your own blog or have written for a blog before. Blogs are hot right now and they are the thing to read when you want to connect with experts in a field. Of course, there is still research-based data to read as well as peer-reviewed journals; but sometimes we just want something a little bit more light and refreshing to read. Blogs are the place to be if you want to hear about real-life experiences, hear from people who live that topic each and every day, and somewhere you can get useful resources. If you search on almost any topic, there is bound to be a blog out there about it. 

The public has shown a growing interest in the fine details of how applied behavior analysis can be understood and applied for a better quality of understanding about children, and luckily, there are a number of applied behavior analysis blogs that can satisfy this desire for knowledge.

Because certain resources are more well-researched and credible than others, one of the biggest challenges of understanding applied behavior analysis is knowing exactly where to start researching in the first place. If you’re interested in legitimately credible applied behavior analysis content, the following blogs are all good options to look into.

  1. I Love ABA! 
  2. The Behavioral Health Center of Excellence Accreditation 
  3. Applied Behavioral Strategies
  4. Simply Elliott
  5. Hi-5 ABA
  6. Verbal Beginnings 
  7. ABA-Works
  8. Behavior Babe
  9. Applied Behavior Analysis Edu
  10. ABC Behavior Training 

I Love ABA!

This applied behavior analysis page was created by Tameika Meadows in 2011, who is an experienced BCBA out of Atlanta and a recent published author. Her page is meant primarily to train and educate parents and teachers on all aspects of behavior. She provides blog posts, free resources, information about strategies, practical tips, and even dives more deeply into the ASD criteria and careers in ABA. 

If you click on her Free ABA Resources tab, you will find things such as a “Free ABA and Autism Resource Guide,” “Tips on Entering the Field of ABA,” “Free Site for Making Visual Schedules,” and an “ABA Therapy Materials List.” And lots more. 

There is an online store within her blog page where she sells ABA therapy, parent, and teacher packets of a variety of simple staff training handouts, treatment protocols, employee evaluation checklists, and ABA teaching visuals.

Tameika also provides the following services: Behavioral Consultation services, workshop facilitation and presenting, developing training content and web courses, Telehealth Supervision, Functional Behavior Assessments, and intensive Parent/Caregiver coaching.

You can find out more about Tameika and what she offers by going to her personal website TameikaMeadowsConsulting.com.

There are so many others out there on the web like Tameika. Starting a website or blog, along with promoting services on social media is the thing to do right now. Pinterest, Teachers Pay Teachers, and other similar sites offer individualized ABA resources as well. 

The Behavioral Health Center Of Excellence Accreditation 

The BHCOE’s mission is to “Transform person-centered behavioral health by advancing measurement science, establishing performance-based standards, increasing access to quality care, and leading community collaboration.”

Their blog serves as one of the best junctions of applied behavior analysis findings from mental health and education professionals from around the world. By keeping current with the BHCOE, readers have an easy way to stay on top of the latest discussions and trends in the field. Many informative blogs about applied behavior analysis are primarily contributed to by one or two credentialed authors, but this blog goes a step further by serving as a mobile meeting place and discussion platform.

Staying on top of the latest trends in applied behavior analysis is not only useful for being more well-informed with new information, but also to avoid holding onto any misconceptions that have been debunked by new research breakthroughs.

The BHCOE blog offers information on ABA accreditation, standards, compliance, and provides resources to readers. The blogs help inform readers, stay up-to-date with the latest techniques, walk through problem-solving situations, provide tips and advice to other ABA therapists, and write webinar recaps for those who could not attend regular webinars that the site hosts. 

An example of a recent blog is titled ABA Insurance Denials: What to Do When Insurance Says “No!” and refers to a webinar members can watch called Denials 101: What You Need To Know About ABA Denials, Appeals, and More! 

As you can see, the overall site, including the blog, has a plethora of information and resources for all who may need it…for experts by the experts. 

Applied Behavioral Strategies

This is one of the most convenient blogs about applied behavior analysis strategies and how to implement them effectively. While many valuable blogs focus on theoretical examinations about the ambiguous questions and implications surrounding applied behavior analysis, this blog gives readers a reliable picture of realistic techniques and strategies that can be successfully replicated. The applied behavioral strategies shared in this blog can be equally useful to guardians, teachers and students.

ABS’ mission is to assist individuals to achieve their potential to live independently and with dignity.

Their general site provides an array of services which include telehealth, assessment, consulting, feeding, supervision, therapy, training, travel, and continuing education. Experts from ABS give much-needed resources in the areas of autism and disability, legal, funding, and research. 

Their blog has been going since 2011 and some of the readers’ favorite blog topics including “Do You Use Visual Schedules,” “What’s the Difference Between an FBA and a Functional Analysis,” and “Using ABA to Teach Math.” 

They even incorporate “Ask Missy! Mondays” and “What Works! Wednesdays.”

It’s a great place to go to get more information on anything related to applied behavior analysis! 

Simply Elliott

The entries in this blog can provide solid value to readers who are interested in the writings of a professional who is specifically credentialed as a behavior analyst expert. The applied behavior analysis articles in this blog provide a more in-depth look into an official behavior analyst’s observations and insights than what can usually be provided through blogs that focus more on aggregate content from guest writers.

The theme is light and fresh and client-centered. Blog titles range from educational such as “ABA Myths and Misconceptions” and “COVID19 Pandemic Education and Homeschool Resources” to fun and crafty like the Harry Potter themed craft blog or the Shark Week themed week blog. There is a bit of everything for everyone. 

Aside from the specialized ABA blog, Simply Elliott also has a blog on travel, family life, and home life. There is even a shopping tab with all of the favorites. 

The refreshing thing about Lauren, Simply Elliott’s creator, is that she is so real, relatable, and brings a creative, fun twist to her blog posts. We all either know a Lauren, or are a Lauren! 

Hi-5 ABA

Are you searching for a blog that focuses more on the business side of things? 

Hi-5’s blog has been on-going since 2019 and some general topics range from “ABA Business” to “Hi-5 Philosophy,” along with “Marketing” and “Franchising” concepts for ABA businesses. 

Hi-5 ABA, Inc. is a franchisor for ABA service providers which accept Tricare/Humana Military and Medicaid. Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) provide in-home therapy for clients diagnosed with autism and/or other developmental disabilities.

Utilizing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) BCBAs help clients and their families address behavior problems, improve social skills, and become more independent. 

Behavior treatment plans with Hi-5 involve goals relating to behavior management, communication skills, transitioning skills, organizational skills, fine and gross motor skills, social and life skills, and parent training. 

Verbal Beginnings

Verbal Beginnings’ blog provides a place for parents, teachers, and ABA therapists to go to stay well-informed and updated on the world of apple behavior analysis. 

“Verbal Beginnings provides Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy to children ages 2-18 diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). By utilizing the principles of ABA, Verbal Beginnings unlocks children’s potential. With individualized teaching procedures in place, clinicians make lasting progress in each child’s and family’s life. Verbal Beginnings is here to make a difference and give every child a chance.”

Not only does Verbal Beginnings offer webinars, they also offer “Verbal Beginnings University” where therapists can take trainings to get CEU hours, and for parents and  those in the community to learn more about ABA practices. They provide information on becoming an ABA therapist, an RBT, and a BCBA and have a wide variety of resources for those looking into them as a career.


“ABA Works specializes in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services with children and adults diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, developmental delays, ADHD, Down Syndrome and related disorders. We treat individuals who have challenges with tantrums, aggressive behaviors, not listening, deficits in communication and self-help tasks. Our passionate team provides high quality parent training and 1-1 child ABA services. We do this in the families’ homes, (pre) schools, the community and in the workspace. At ABA Works we believe that every client should have a very unique treatment plan, in which we continuously make updates upon the individual’s growth. We believe in high quality care, and let you as a family be part of our treatment, so we can collaborate at all times. During every session, parents will receive parent training. This way you will always be part of treatment, and learn the tools you need.”

Services that ABA Works offers include assessment, parent training, social skills training, ABA child services, ABA adult services, ABA consultations, examples of services, and conference speakers.

Their blog entails dozens of tips, techniques, and strategies that you need to work with children and adults with autism. Go check them out! 

Behavior Babe

Behavior Babe, or Amanda N. Kelly, PhD, BCBA-D, LBA, has her website and blog posts broken into sections for Advocates, Students, Analysts, and Caregivers. 

Behavior Babe offers free teaching tools and resources for teachers and ABA therapists to utilize along with continuing education opportunities and an entire page dedicated to showing what an ABA telehealth sessions should look like, since we are all mostly practicing digitally at the moment. 

Not only does she have a plethora of wonderful and knowledgeable information within each of these sections, Behavior Babe has her very own podcast! You can check it out on most apps that support podcasts, such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts. 

In her “Caregiver’s Corner” she offers information about ABA techniques, behavior assessments, facts versus fads, behavior plans, common misconceptions, and much more. 

Behavior Babe is very well-known in the world of ABA; she is a great resource for all!

Applied Behavior Analysis Edu

Do you need a place to go to learn anything and everything ABA? This is a place that provides comprehensive information about the field of ABA; learn about ABA careers, salaries, licensing, and laws.  

“Applied Behavior Analysis Edu “are an independent online publishing group that saw an opportunity to provide future and practicing ABAs with the first and only dedicated resource on state licensing, education options, earning potential, practice domains and more. Since they have no affiliation with professional associations, lobbying groups, or government bodies, their only interest was to create a comprehensive resource that provides the kind of unbiased information aspiring and practicing ABAs have been looking for.”

Recent and relevant blog topics from ABA Edu include “COVID-19 Family Support Resources for Homeschooling, Telehealth ABA, and More,” “7 ABA Techniques That Could Save The World By Encouraging Social Distancing Behaviors,” and “How ABA Came to Be the Only Scientifically-Proven Method for Treating ASD.”

ABC Behavior Training 

Melissa Druskis, the founder of ABA Behavior Training, is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst that provides resources and products for other behavior therapists, consultation and therapy for pediatric clients, and BCBA/BCaBA supervision. 

She provides freebies, CEU opportunities for professionals, and has a shop where you can buy all sorts of tools to keep you organized and motivated as an ABA therapist. And while she provides so many free downloads and articles, there is exclusive “Members Only” access for $20 per month or $220 per year.

 Some of her most recent blog titles include “3 Way to Achieve Your Goals Using ABA,” “ABA Ethics: Accepting Gifts,” and “Battling BCBA Burnout.” 

Take some time and browse through these 10 applied behavior analysis blogs. You will surely find something that interests you, resources that you can use, and maybe even other like-minded individuals that you can connect with. You will never stop learning by reading and researching! 

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Updated February 2021