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ABA Programs Offered at Antioch University

Antioch University appears in our ranking of the Top 25 Best Applied Behavior Analysis Programs.

Antioch University offers both a Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and an ABA certificate program through its New England campus. Both programs look at how ABA therapy can help adults and children who suffer from developmental disabilities as well as those on the autism spectrum. Students learn how to help their clients recover from and deal with anxiety disorders and the symptoms they might experience. Graduates can sit for a national exam and become a licensed behavior professional, or they can use their experiences to find work as college professors.

The graduate program accepts students with a bachelor’s degree and features classes that run for one full month. Students will take classes on weekends on the New England campus. The program starts each year in August and includes practicums that let students work with clients before they finish their studies. Students must do 750 hours of fieldwork in their practicums. They will also take 33 credits of classes that meet over seven months, which lets them graduate in less than a year. Those classes include Concepts and Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, Performance Management and Supervision, Research Methods in Behavior Analysis, Applied Behavior Analysis: Extended Applications and Behavior Analytic Procedures and Interventions.

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It takes less time to complete the university’s ABA certificate program because it features only 24 credits of courses. Students take those classes over five semesters. It does not include any practicums because it expects students to have ABA experience before they enroll. Most students take one or two classes over six semesters and finish their certificates at the end of a second summer term. The university does not accept students into these programs every year though. It usually only accepts new students every other year.

About Antioch University

Antioch University is a name that applies to five different college campuses in the United States and a virtual/online campus. Before becoming a university chain, it was a single campus in Yellow Springs, Ohio called Antioch College. Horace Mann created a coeducational college that followed the same curriculum and layout as Harvard University. It acquired the Putney School of Education in 1964, which was the first affiliated school in the system. This campus would change names several times and move to new locations across Vermont before settling in Keene, New Hampshire and becoming Antioch University New England. The original branch of the university closed in 2008 and later reopened due to the efforts of alumni. It is now a separate institution that still uses the Antioch name.

The other branches of the Antioch system are in New Hampshire, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Seattle and Ohio. Its Ohio campus is Antioch University Midwest and close to the original campus in Yellow Springs. Antioch University New England is the only branch of the system to offer ABA programs. This campus also oversees many of the counseling and psychology programs offered by the university. It is one of the country’s only colleges with Waldorf training programs for teachers. This method of teaching focuses on helping students express themselves through artistic pursuits. With an enrollment of more than 1,200 students, the New England campus is the largest one in the Antioch University system.

Antioch University Accreditation Details

The ABA programs offered by Antioch University have approval from the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB). These programs meet the standards established by that agency to prepare students for working as ABA counselors and professionals. Both the New England campus and other campuses in the Antioch system have accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) too. Students can both apply for any of the financial aid that they need and transfer credits to the ABA program because of HLC accreditation. This also allows students to take any of their credits with them if they transfer to another university.

Antioch University Application Requirements

When Antioch University begins accepting students into either of its ABA programs, it will add new admissions information to its website. As the ABA programs require that students start in the fall, prospective students must submit their applications by the first of February, which is the program’s final deadline. The online application lays out the requirements for new students and asks students to upload a current resume. They will also answer the essay questions and pay a $50 application fee. Most of the essays ask students to write about their experiences with ABA clients and for information about their academic backgrounds. Only those with an undergraduate grade point average of at least 3.0 can apply.

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Students should submit their official transcripts to Antioch too. The university asks for copies or official transcripts from any college that a student attended where he or she earned credits towards a bachelor’s degree. Students will also supply two letters of recommendation, though they can use work or academic references. If the university isn’t sure about an applicant, it may ask for an interview. This takes place online via the Zoom app and allows students to talk with the application review board or faculty members of the ABA program.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The cost of earning an ABA certificate or degree from Antioch University will depend on how many courses the student takes. Students seeking a certificate pay $711 per credit hour and take between 21 and 27 credits of classes, which will bring their totals up to $18,706 to $22,972 to complete their certificates. The ABA degree program charges $1,016 per credit hour and requires that students take between 33 and 39 credits. Students pay between $38,813 and $45,401 to earn their ABA degrees from the university. Those who transfer credits into the university can save on their overall costs.

Graduate students attending Antioch can qualify for up to six different types of aid. Both federal direct loans and direct unsubsidized loans go to graduate students who apply to Antioch and submit the FAFSA. They can also apply for a direct federal PLUS loan. These loans usually have lower interest rates than the alternative loans offered by other lenders do. In addition to loans, students can get work-study jobs on the New England campus, which pay students up to $14 an hour. ABA students attending Antioch University can apply for university scholarships through a separate application.