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Landmark College Applied Behavior Analysis Programs

Landmark College is also featured in our ranking of the 30 Best Colleges for Students on the Autism Spectrum.

Landmark College has three options related to applied behavior analysis with a bachelor’s degree, associate degree, and minor in psychology. For the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, students will graduate prepared to work in entry-level positions in environments like education, health, employment counseling, public affairs, and community mental health centers.

One of the benefits of studying at Landmark College is the opportunity students are given to participate in meaningful internships, as well as learn within the Landmark College Institute for Research and Training. Some of the classes that may introduce a student to applied behavior analysis concepts include Educational Psychology, Learning Disabilities Seminar, Social Identity in a Diverse World, and Seminar in Learning Differences, Politics & Culture.

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The program requires that students complete a total of 121 credits, and 44 credits are offered as open electives, so students can choose classes in their own personal interest. Students can also enroll in the minor in psychology, which may act as a complementary addition to one of the college’s other programs. Some of the courses students may choose when they earn a minor include Biological Psychology, Theories of Personality, and Diversity Psychology.

One of the interesting features of the bachelor’s degree programs at Landmark College is the opportunity they give students to transfer into an associate-level program if the student feels too much pressure in the bachelor’s degree program. The first two years of every program at Landmark College are similar, so students can choose to graduate with an associate degree after two years, even if they begin their studies in a bachelor’s degree.

Students may also choose an associate degree in liberal arts and adopt a concentration in psychology. Students will take required courses like adolescent and adult development, introduction to psychology, statistics, and development. The minor also affords students the opportunity to choose the rest of their courses as electives.

Some of the electives available include Abnormal Psychology, Educational Psychology, Biological Psychology, and Human Sexuality. While enrolled in any of the college’s programs, students may choose to participate in the Bridge Experience, which is an event held in the summer that can help students focus on adopting effective learning strategies and gaining new academic skills.

Although the college doesn’t offer its psychology programs online, there is a program that may interest professionals who work in environments that employ topics in applied behavior analysis and psychology. The college offers a Professional Certificate in Learning Differences and Neurodiversity, which is offered online as executive training.

About Landmark College

Landmark College is a private institution with a campus in Putney, Vermont, that opened in 1985. The degrees are designed to offer instruction to students who have been diagnosed with learning disabilities, autism, or attention disorders. When the school opened, it focused on providing instruction to students diagnosed with dyslexia. The college’s official colors are blue and gold, and the school has a mascot named Finn the Shark.

The current campus for the school was once an institution known as Windham College, but that school closed in 1978. Landmark College would take over the campus in 1985 through the efforts of a local man named Peter Shumlin, who was a selectman with the local government in Putney. The college would first start offering bachelor’s degrees in 2012, and it would construct a large science and technology center in 2015 that would cover 28,500 feet.

Landmark College Accreditation Details

The New England Association of Schools and Colleges Commission on Institutions of Higher Education offers Landmark College its institutional accreditation. The accreditation applies to the university as a whole and also ensures students can apply for financial aid through the federal government if they need assistance paying for college. Earning an accredited degree is important for students who want to continue their studies in graduate degree programs or enroll in programs at other accredited institutions.

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Landmark College Application Requirements

To apply to Landmark College, students can use the Common Application, or they may create an account with Landmark College and use the college’s official application. Students can also use the Universal College Application, as well as download the college’s application, print it, and send it directly to the college. Admissions are handled at Landmark College on a rolling basis.

Items students must send when they apply for admission to Landmark College include official high school transcripts, an application fee of $75, and the completed application. A unique facet of the application process is that students must send an official diagnosis of having a learning disability, ADHD, or autism or provide a written statement with details about the student’s educational history.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition at Landmark College is $59,100. Students will also pay $6,660 for a room on campus and $6,240 for a meal plan. In all, the college charges $72,000 each year for tuition, room, and board. At the beginning of the semester, students must send a $300 damage deposit, which is refundable. All students must also have health insurance and will be enrolled in a plan offered by the college if they don’t already have their own plan.

The college also estimates that students will need to cover additional expenses for items like a computer, books, and personal costs. Students who aren’t interested in applying for financial aid may participate in a payment plan offered by the college, which is available to students with no interest charges. Payment plans aren’t available for the summer session. Students can also use a credit card to pay for their tuition.

Financial aid at Landmark College is administered by the Financial Aid Office. The office indicates that most students receive a combination of financial aid from federal grants, state grants, and loans. Many students also receive scholarships to help pay for college. Students may even take a Medical Tax Deduction, which is a unique feature of the college. The college also recommends that students begin their financial aid application as early as possible.

There are scholarships available directly from the college that include the Landmark College Scholarship, which is an award of $5,000 to $34,000, as well as the Endowment Scholarship, which is offered to 10 students and amounts to $1,500 to $15,000. Students who attend Landmark College can also qualify for scholarships through federal and state sources that include the Federal Pell Grant, Vocational Rehabilitation Grant, or Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant.