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Purdue University Global

Purdue University Global is also featured in our ranking 40 Best Online ABA Graduate Certificate Online Programs.

Studying Applied Behavior Analysis at Purdue University Global

Students interested in advancing their knowledge of psychology and those with interest in the social and behavioral sciences may wish to explore the Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) program at Purdue University Global. The program is designed for professionals who want to advance their careers in a convenient online program format. The program is open to students in states other than Missouri, and the program isn’t currently eligible for Title IV federal financial aid funding. However, the courses in the certificate program are verified by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board, Inc. Verification means the coursework requirements help students gain eligibility to take the Board Certified Behavior Analyst Examination. Students will want to visit the official website for the Behavior Analyst Certification Board, Inc. to ensure they have all the credits necessary to take the test.

Program goals of this postgraduate certificate option include gaining an understanding of how behavior theories impact real-world situations and understanding how to critically evaluate behavioral theories and psychological concepts in a variety of situations. Students will also learn how to use conceptual foundations and evidence-based theories in various real-world situations. In addition, to pursue this certificate program online, students may also attend classes at physical locations in Rockville Indiana, Wisconsin, and Missouri. The cost per credit for the program is $420, and students must complete 35 credits to receive their certificate. Students who are active military are eligible for the reduced military rate. Students may also use prior credits earned at other institutions for transfer credit, as well as participate in corporate partnerships for tuition assistance to fund their educational goals.

Some of the courses students will take in the program include Advanced Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, Ethics for Behavior Analysts, and Research Design in Applied Behavior Analysis. Students will also take Implementing Behavioral Change, Clinical Applications of Applied Behavior Analysis, and Behavioral Measures and Interpretation of Data. The curriculum that has been taken from and influenced by the Behavioral Analyst Certification Board, Inc. focuses on exploring the experiences of people who have suffered from traumatic brain injuries, as well as those who have been diagnosed with developmental delays or autism. One of the benefits of the program is that students will get to participate in a culminating practicum experience that will allow them to see the theories and analyses they’ve studied in practice.

About Purdue University Global

Purdue University Global is part of the university system of Purdue University and is designed for working adults and those who wish to attend online college classes. The school is considered a career-oriented institution with degrees at the associate’s bachelor’s, masters and doctoral levels, as well as a variety of certificate program offerings. Approximately 30,000 students attend the official online branch of Purdue University, which was established in 2018. Purdue University bought the for-profit based Kaplan University and turned it into the non-profit, online branch for Purdue. The degrees offered by Purdue University Global are separate from those offered by Purdue University. The administration of the university system has indicated its acquisition of an online school was part of the institution’s efforts at providing education to more students than it was able to in its traditional campuses.

Purdue University Global Accreditation Details

The Higher Learning Commission has accredited Purdue University Global to award college degrees, and various programs at the university also have approval and accreditation from various groups. For example, the programs in business and management are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). Some of those accredited degrees include the Associate of Applied Science in Accounting, the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, and the Master of Science in Finance. The Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs has accredited the Medical Assistant Certificate program offered in the states of Iowa, Maine, Maryland, and Nebraska. The Dental Assistant Diploma offered in cooperation with the Omaha campus is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation.

Purdue University Global Application Requirements

There are general requirements for applying to Purdue University Global, as well as program-specific requirements for certain degrees and certificate programs. General requirements include a completed application, completion of the official Enrollment Agreement, and an informational interview where spouse and parents are welcome. Students must also write, speak, and read English proficiently, ensure financial arrangements are complete before starting class and maintain proficiency in various technologies that may be utilized in the student’s program. Additional requirements include having a high school diploma or having completed a GED program. Home-schooled students must have a certificate or transcript equal to the diploma they would have earned at a traditional school. Some programs may require students to undergo a criminal background check.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition for undergraduate students at Purdue University Global is $371 per quarter hour. Students who enroll in the ExcelTrack option will pay $2,200 per term. Military veterans pay $230 per credit hour if they live in any state other than Indiana or $220 per credit hour if they reside in Indiana. Spouses of members of the military also qualify for a ten percent reduction in tuition costs. Indiana residents pay $220 per credit hour for tuition at the undergraduate level. Fees a student may need to cover while in school include an administration fee of $200 per term, a deposit of $25 at the time of enrollment, and a technology fee of $295 per term. Course assessments cost $100 per course assessment, and ordering transcripts cost $10 for each copy requested.

Since Purdue University Global is an accredited institution, students can apply for and qualify for federal student aid by submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form to the government. Steps students will take during the process of applying for financial aid include getting a financial aid ID through the federal government’s FAFSA program, completing the FAFSA form, receiving an offer letter of federal student aid, signing promissory notes for the loans, and enrolling in classes once fees have been paid to the school. Students are also eligible to apply for outside assistance in the form of scholarships and private student loans when federal student aid isn’t enough to cover the cost of attending. Grants and scholarships are an excellent way to finance education at Purdue University Global since the student doesn’t need to pay the funds back like a traditional loan.