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Regis College is also featured in our ranking of the Top 25 Best Applied Behavior Analysis Programs.

Regis College is a private college offering both online and on-campus degree programs. It is accredited by a number of organizations in addition to its regional accreditation and has made the news on several occasions. In September of 2018, the college received $275,000 in grants from the National Institutes of Health to fund its neuroscience research of neonatal brains.  Reputable and committed to quality education, Regis College offers an excellent Applied Behavioral Analysis Masters degree program.

Using role-play comprehensive practicums, and peer presentations, the Regis College Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis program brings a unique perspective and depth to the field of applied behavior analysis. Regis College’s ABA program is recognized around the country and provides a dynamic, interactive learning environment that virtually guarantees professional success and satisfaction.

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100% of students in the Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis program at Regis College passed the BCBA exam on their first attempt, and students have several paths to becoming board certified behavioral analysts whether they choose to pursue the Master of Science in Behavioral Analysis, a certificate in ABA, or an MEd with an ABA certificate.

About Regis College

Regis is one of the leading Catholic universities in the Greater Boston area and serves more than three thousand doctorate, graduate, and undergraduate students. Founded in 1927, Regis includes four schools: the Regis College School of Arts and Sciences, the Regis College School of Business and Communication, the Regis College School of Health and Sciences, and the Regis College School of Nursing. Located just 12 miles outside of Boston in Weston, Massachusetts, students who graduate from this college have extraordinarily high employability; 97% of graduates are employed in their chosen field or enrolled in graduate school within six months.

It’s interesting to note that although Regis College was officially established in 1927, the sisters of St. Joseph founded and operated more than 120 institutions of higher learning in the Boston area since the late 1800s. When they founded Regis College, there were very few options for women to obtain higher education, and when the college officially opened its doors on September 21, 1927, only 55 students enrolled. Since then, the college has expanded rapidly. In 1928, College Hall was added to the campus. Construction on the building was finished in 1929, and a 1930 update added a chapel, a gym, and additional resident units.

Regis College Accreditation Details

In addition to its regional accreditation with the New England Commission of Higher Learning (NECHE), a number of degree programs hold additional accreditation with other organizations. The social work program, for example, is additionally accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. The Nursing programs are all also accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN). The Joint Review Committee on Educational Programs in Nuclear Medicine Technology has accredited the nuclear medicine program at Regis. For its online degree programs, Regis College has obtained licenses from various state departments of education to offer online programs to residents of an array of states throughout the country.

Regis College Application Requirements

Regis College does not publish application requirements and encourages students from all backgrounds to submit an application and forward high school transcripts, college transcripts, ACT and SAT scores to their office of admissions for consideration. Applicants are considered on their individual merits rather than on an arbitrary set of guidelines. However, factors considered when evaluating a prospective student include academic achievement, extracurricular involvement, leadership qualities, commitment to community service, and writing ability as assessed from the essay portion of the common application. It is recommended that students applying for undergraduate admission have a minimum of four years of English, three years of mathematics, two years of foreign language, and three years of social sciences, but again, Regis College does not require completion of these courses for admission.

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Application requirements for graduate students vary based on the particular graduate degree program. Those interested in pursuing a graduate degree at Regis College should submit a common application and forward any college transcripts to the office of admissions. The university has an average acceptance rate of almost 90%.

Regis College Tuition and Financial Aid

The cost to attend Regis College for a year as an undergraduate is $59,004. Tuition is $41,015, room and board is $15,180, and for uninsured students, the cost of the required health insurance is $2,809. To help offset the cost of attending this university, a number of scholarships have been established. The Alumni Scholarship, Boston Latin Academy Scholarship, Connors Scholarship, Diverse Educators Scholarship, Presidential Catholic Scholarship, Sloane Scholarship, and the Helena A. Callahan Scholarship are just a few available to prospective students. The financial aid office also helps students apply for federal grants and loans they may qualify for, such as the Federal Pell Grant, the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, the MassGrant, the Gilbert Grant, and federal student loans.

Students at Regis College may also participate in the federal work-study program, and the university also offers alternative financing options including a monthly payment plan and information on applying for alternative student loans.

Prospective students can find a Net Price Calculator on the Regis College website that can help give them an idea of the total cost of attending the degree program of their choice.

Students who are not residents of Massachusetts should check to see if their home state offers grant programs. Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Delaware residents, in particular, are likely to be eligible to receive some assistance from state grant programs to attend Regis College.