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Texas Tech University is also featured in our rankingĀ 40 Best Online ABA Graduate Certificate Online Programs.

Applied Behavior Analysis Certificate

The top Board Certified Analyst Behavior (BCAB) programs in the world prepare students for getting their board certification and for working as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) specialists. ABA specialists work with patients who struggle around others and those who have issues living their lives and/or meeting their own personal needs. Texas Tech University offers a program in this field that features just six courses that students can complete in a few semesters.

Students can enroll in this program and earn an ABA certificate, but they can also complete the requirements of this program while they earn a graduate degree from the university. Texas Tech offers a Master of Education in Special Education with an emphasis in ABA therapy. Some of the courses in this program meet the requirements of that degree program. Students can also complete this program and transfer their credits into that degree program or to one available at another university.

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Each of the required courses that students take will allow them to focus on a different area of ABA work. They will first take Applied Behavior Analysis, which is a course that goes over the fundamentals of this type of therapy. Students then take Single Subject Design to learn more about working with individual patients and clients in a private and one on one setting. The university usually requires that students take these two classes before they take any of the more advanced courses.

Two of the more important courses in this program include Ethics and Professional Conduct and Functional Behavior Assessment. Functional Behavior Assessment teaches students how to meet with their clients for the first time and how to identify their specific needs before coming up with a treatment plan. They will also learn how to work with the families of their clients while taking this class. Ethics and Professional Conduct is a course that focuses on the ways in which students work in the field and some of the issues or problems that they might face. This Texas Tech University also features a class on behavior procedures that teaches students how to change how their clients think and act.

About Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University ranks as one of the top research institutions in Texas. Though the state identified a need for a college in the area in 1917, it wasn’t until 1923 that plans for a new college finally came through. It opened as a tech school that provided opportunities for students who wanted to learn more about the new forms of technology sweeping across the country. The college also wanted to offer opportunities for some of the new students and families moving to the state. As the college expanded beyond technology programs and added new options for students, it became a full university. Many call the campus either TTU or Texas Tech.

Forbes, Washington Monthly and U.S. News and World Report all consider Texas Tech one of the nation’s top schools. ARWU, which ranks the world’s best colleges, often ranks the university within the top 400 or the top 500 of schools. Students can take classes on the main campus or take online classes to finish their degrees. Texas Tech has an enrollment of more than 37,000 students.

Texas Tech University Accreditation Details

Prospective college students today sometimes focus too much on application requirements and the activities available without thinking about accreditation. It’s important that students attend a college or university with regional accreditation because this lets them know that their degrees are actually worthwhile. Students attending Texas Tech will discover that it has regional accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCC). SACSCC also allows transfer students to carry credits with them and gives students the option of applying for financial aid and using their aid packages. Texas Tech also has accreditation from some specialty organizations, including the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

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Texas Tech University Application Requirements

Though the ABA program that Texas Tech offers is a certificate program, it still has some requirements that students must meet before they can enroll. They will use the same graduate admissions application that traditional grad students use. Once they create their own accounts, they can spend time on the application and submit it when they feel confident. There is a $50 fee attached to this application too. The main requirement for students applying to the program is a college degree. They must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. Texas Tech asks students to submit an official transcript as part of the application process.

Students can then use their accounts to log in and check on their progress. They can see whether they need to submit any other information or documents. The application site will also inform them when the university makes a decision regarding an application. Texas Tech allows students to enroll in a temporary status program. They can earn up to 12 credits from the university before actually applying as a certificate or graduate student.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Texas Tech believes in offering affordable rates for all its students. Those taking online classes pay around the same amount that traditional students do. Both degree and certificate students pay the same rates also. These rates start at around $609 per credit hour. This is the amount that Texas residents pay and the rate that students of nearby states pay. Texas Tech offers any student who lives in a neighboring county in another state to pay this same rate. Students who are not Texas residents will pay around $998 per credit hour. The university charges all students some fees as well.

Students earning a certificate from Texas Tech do not qualify for as much aid as students earning a degree do. They can use the FAFSA though to find out if they can take out any student loans. The government allows full-time students to use unsubsidized loans to pay for certificate programs. Some students may not receive loans because they already borrowed a large amount for school. Those students will need to look at private student loans instead. Texas Tech University can also work out payment plans for students who need some time to pay their tuition and fees.