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Webster University is also featured in our ranking 40 Best Online ABA Graduate Certificate Online Programs.

Applied Behavior Analysis Certificate Program

Applied Behavior Analysis looks at the ways in which thoughts can influence behaviors and actions. Those working in this field often work with patients on the Autism Spectrum, but they work with patients who simply want to change their behaviors too. Webster University offers one of the only online certificate programs in this field that is open to graduate students. Incoming students must already have a masters degree in a social sciences field. It’s also helpful if those students have some experience working with patients. They will learn how to work with individuals as well as with small groups. Students learn more about working in the homes of their patients and in clinical settings too.

While degree programs often feature 30 credits or more of classes, this certificate program only requires that students take 18 credits or six classes. They have the option of taking three or more classes each semester to graduate in less than a year or spreading their classes out over multiple semesters. Concepts and Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis is one of the first classes that they take. It goes over the various ideas behind ABA therapy and how it works. Students will take Applied Behavior Analysis and an advanced version of this class too.

The program also features a course called Functional Behavioral Assessment and Intervention, which teaches students how to assess the skills of their patients and create a plan for each individual patient. Disability and Ethics and Applied Research Methods are two of the other classes that students must take before they graduate. The United States Department of Education considers this a Gainful Employment program, which means that it will prepare students for seeking employment within the ABA field. Graduates can take the national licensing exam to become a board-certified therapist after completing this program.

About Webster University

Webster University is a large university system that has multiple campuses located in the United States. Established as Loretto College in 1915 by the Sisters of Loretto, it started out as a private college that had an affiliation with the Catholic Church. When the college first opened, it only accepted women. The Sisters of Loretto later turned over the operations of the college to a board, which eventually led to the school ending its religious affiliation. It also developed a strong reputation in the 1940s after becoming one of the first colleges in the country to accept students of color.

Located just outside of St. Louis in the Webster Groves suburb is the main campus of Webster University. It also operates more than 70 campuses in the United States alone and 10 campuses in other countries. Many of its top campuses are either on or near military bases and offer opportunities for students currently in the military. Some of those campuses offer opportunities for civilians as well. Enrollment across all campuses now includes more than 14,000 students, which makes Webster one of the largest school systems. The university also offers online options for all its students.

Webster University Accreditation Details

The Board Analyst Certification Board (BACB) approved the ABA certificate program that Webster offers as well as its advanced graduate certificate program. Webster has full accreditation from the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCACS) of the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), which functions as both regional and institutional accreditation. Six different organizations granted the university accreditation for its degree programs in fields such as nursing and music.

Webster University Application Requirements

As it is the ABA program that awards certificates to students, those applying must meet the university’s application requirements for its certificate programs. Students can apply to the university before earning a bachelor’s degree, but they cannot start the program until they have their degrees. Webster asks for an official college or university transcript that shows the degree the student earned or will earn and all the classes the student took as well as a cumulative grade point average. The university gives priority to students who maintained an undergrad GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Students will also use the graduate school application, which the university offers online. This application features multiple sections and allows students to create their own unique accounts. They can then take their time to work on the application instead of sitting down and filling it out all at once. The application also asks where the student went to college and whether he or she has a bachelor’s degree. After the student submits the application, the university will look at it and the student’s transcript before making a decision.

The ABA program has some select admissions requirements of its own. This program will only accept students who have a graduate degree in psychology or a similar field. Students must have a graduate school GPA of at least 3.0 to enroll in the program too.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Any student who takes online classes from Webster University will pay $780 per credit hour. Many of the graduate courses available are worth at least two credits. The cost that traditional students pay is slightly lower. Those on the St. Louis campus pay $750 per credit hour, while those on the Irvine campus pay $765 per credit hour. All the other campuses in the Webster system charge $615 per credit hour.

Webster offers a cheaper tuition rate for students who are in any branch of the military, including the National Guard and those on reserve duty. The university drops its rate down to $370 for military students taking classes on a traditional campus and $470 for those enrolled in an online program. Webster also offers a discount for civilians who take classes on one of its military base campuses that will reduce their costs down to $615 per credit hour.

Since the university has regional accreditation, students can submit the FAFSA when applying for financial aid. Certificate students usually do not qualify for the same aid as degree students do. They may have the option of taking out student loans from the federal government, but this depends on the amount of money they borrowed in the past. Grad students can apply for alternative loans and private loans though. Webster University offers financial aid information and online help for students who want to know how the process works and what types of aid they can get.

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