Top Behavioral Social Media Pages to Follow

How do you find information regarding education, autism, or applied behavior analysis? 

More than likely, you are a typical human being who frequents their favorite social media hotspots for news, information on trends, and inspiration. Social media platforms are almost unavoidable as a majority of things turn digital. The use has grown exponentially over the years and there isn’t a topic that is not touched online. 

In 2020, research on social media use came out from Statista.

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At least 48% of the world’s population uses social media. While 18 to 29-year-olds are the generation that uses it the most, the groups 30 to 49 and 50 to 64 are just right behind them. This means that the world wide web isn’t simply targeted to teenagers and young people; it is also a place where working professionals, parents, grandparents, and older students can go to gain the information they need on a given topic.

What do you look for when you are browsing Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube? 

Of course, you can still have fun looking at makeup tutorials and watching a cat ride around on a Roomba—but there is so much more out there online waiting for you to seek out. 

Social media can help you build professional knowledge, answer questions you’ve been pondering, open your mind to new ideas and strategies, and 

This article will provide you with ASD, ABA, and SPED experts who you should follow ASAP to give you bright ideas, change how you’re doing things, make you curious, and inspire you to act. 

Instagram Influencers

Instagram influencers for ABA


There are over 500 million active Instagram stories created daily! 

This might not be satisfying for some, but stories from influencers can be beneficial. There is so much educational, therapeutic, and meaningful content out there waiting to be found. You just need to know where to look–which is why we are writing this article! Check out these social media influencers.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Haley Moss

Haley’s smile is quite infectious–her Instagram page is one filled with positivity, gratitude, and awareness. She is an Attorney ⚖️ Autistic 🧠 Advocate ✨ Author 📖 Speaker 🎤 Educator💡; obviously, she is a Jill of all trades! Follow her to learn all about autism and neurodiversity from her knowledge and perspective. Her page will inspire you to celebrate different abilities and appreciate the unique side of others. 

Joy F. Johnson

This woman is super knowledgeable while also bringing spunk and positivity to her page. Joy has a Master’s in Education, a Master’s in Science, and is a certified BCBA. According to her page, she is an autism advocate, behavior analyst, and inclusion specialist supervision–and she is #actuallyautistic! Her IG page links the website to her company called Spectrum Support. Book her for autism support services or refer her to someone you know who needs it. 

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

ABA Visualized

This particular Instagram page is geared toward parents and teachers and is extremely helpful in sharing information in an easy-to-understand way. Learn and teach effective ABA strategies through step-by-step visuals in their collection of books and resources. ABA Visualized provides visuals for those trying to understand ABA on a deeper level–there are topics on all things ABA. And pop on over to their website where you can purchase full guidebooks, enroll in workshops, and obtain free resources and tips. They make ABA easy!    

Rogue ABA

Rogue ABA is the number one spot on Instagram for students who are studying for their BCBA exam and for behavior analysts who are already working in the field. This page provides scenario questions each day, study tips, and is an excellent way to connect to others who are in the same study boat. Check out the Rogue ABA website to shop for materials and resources, learn about upcoming workshops, get free resources, and follow their blog. If you’re about to start studying, this is the most convenient place to start. 

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Special Education (SPED)

Lessons and Lattes

Rebekah of Lessons and Lattes is a spunky, sweet, and creative special education teacher who wants to share tips, tricks, and a lot of inspiration. Her expertise is on SPED, differentiation, and inclusion. Follow her page to get specific math and language arts strategies for SPED students, IEP tips, and even learn how to dress like a super trendy teacher on a budget! Rebekah’s stories are always positive and uplifting and will create a space for you to go when you need some great SPED classroom ideas. 

Ms. D’s Corner

Stephanie of Mrs. D’s Corner is another SPED Instagrammer who teaches the “littles.” So if you’re in the world of pre-K, K, or elementary, this is the spot for you to learn and grow as a teacher. Not only is Stephanie an incredible resource for goals, IEPs, specific SPED strategies, she is also a mental health advocate, which means she knows a lot about how to help students cope. Followers will enjoy her elementary book reviews–she gives teachers and parents delightful and diversified reading ideas. And she’s all about the laminator! Go to her for hacks, tips, and fun laminating ideas. 

YouTube Influencers 

Youtube for ABA and ASD educators

Social media isn’t all considered Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. A lot of people use YouTube as a source of much-needed information. There are dozens of ASD, ABA, and SPED, “how-tos,” tutorials, interviews, observations, and vlogs that educate, entertain, and inspire. If you don’t already have one, create a YouTube account and start subscribing to your favorites. 

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Purple Ella

Ella of Purple Ella, who obviously loves the color purple (hence the name), is an autism influencer on YouTube who has over 25k subscribers! She has autism and also has ADHD–but she doesn’t let those things stop her from accomplishing her goals and sharing her experience and expertise with the world. She discusses anything and everything related to autism and ADHD while sprinkling in more videos here and there about mental health in general. Ella also has a website, which has even more videos, resources, and a place to reach out to her to book her for events. She also has cute merch! Her page is a great resource for parents of children with autism or teens/young adults with autism to learn more about themselves–and find someone to relate to. 

Fathering Autism

There are men in the world of behavior and autism! Follow a loving father along with his family while he experiences the struggles, joy, and comedy of being a proud father to a teen daughter with nonverbal autism. The page has almost 600k subscribers and has been around for about a decade–so you have plenty of content to watch. This is a wonderful place for parents of children with autism to go; it’s nice to know that you’re not alone and there are other families out there experiencing similar things. Their videos are definitely raw, real, and honest, which makes them such an endearing and loveable family to follow. 

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Brett DeNovi Behavioral Karma

Brett is not only a BCBA, but he owns his own behavior analysis company called Brett DiNovi and Associates. On top of that, he is a best-selling author! His YouTube channel Behavioral Karma focuses on all things ABA and behavior while some of his other topics of interest are sprinkled about, such as cybersecurity, leadership, and law. Follow him on YouTube and hop on over to his website where you can learn about the services that he offers.

Behavior Works

This vibrant gal knows a thing or two about applied behavior analysis. Anna of Behavior Works is a semi-recent Psychology graduate from Florida and brings subscribers on her journey to obtaining her BCBA. Most of her videos are geared toward those interested in, or who have recently obtained their RBT or BCBA. She is open to suggestions regarding topics, so if you’re currently in a similar spot, shoot her a message about a topic of interest and perhaps she’ll vlog about it. Learn all about that ABA life with Anna!

Special Education (SPED)

That Special Educator

This special educator we are highlighting here is Braelan, who is an elementary self-contained teacher out of Boston. She has energy, spunk, and creativity–you can see it throughout her YouTube channel and her Instagram page where she has thousands of followers. Braelan originally created her channel in 2015 to document her journey as a new special education teacher. Many can relate to her challenging days and her amazing days in the classroom. Thankfully, she shares much-needed tips, resources, and advice for other SPED teachers out there like her. 

Teachings in Education

This teacher (the actual one…not the cartoon!) is someone to subscribe to and follow if you want to know more about SPED law, strategies, accommodations, and everything IEP. He knows a lot about technology in the classroom and gives tutorials and tips to teachers. There are also videos on FBA, BIP, lesson planning, PBIS, and on various specific disabilities. Teachings in Education has it all, whether you’re brand new to teaching or are a seasoned regular. Stop by his channel to learn and grow as professionals in the field. 

Conclusion to Top Behavioral Social Media Pages to Follow

Top Behavioral Social Media Pages To Follow

As you can see, the internet is an amazing and beneficial place to browse to gain insight, learn tips and tricks, obtain resources, and learn from the best. Social media isn’t around just for us to mindlessly skim through stories and posts; it can also be used as a learning tool for professionals. If you’re in the fields of ASD, ABA, SPED, or are a parent hoping to learn more, take some time and check these Instagram pages and YouTube channels out! 

Brittany Cerny

Master of Education (M.Ed.) | Northeastern State University

Behavior and Learning Disorders | Georgia State University

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