Does Autism Qualify for SSI?

Autism is classified as a developmental disorder that affects a person’s communication skills and their social interaction skills. While symptoms vary from person to person, it is believed that a child is born with autism and at some point in their developmental years will show signs that exhibit autistic tendencies. This is when diagnosis may occur. Severe forms of autism are considered to be a disability and may require not only ongoing medical care but also ongoing therapies and services. For people who need assistance with coverage and care, social security insurance may be an option.

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Social Security Disability Claims For Autism

Back in 2017, the department of social security updated their autism requirements. A child’s medical records must include a number of things in order to qualify for social security to any degree. This includes:

-Social interaction issues

-Verbal communication issues

-Non-verbal communication issues

-Repetitive behavior

-Abnormal activity interests

If three or more of these issues present themselves and are diagnosed by a doctor, then there will be a diagnosed pattern of behavior that will warrant coverage and assistance.

More About Diagnosis

In order to make an accurate diagnosis, there are a number of behaviors and situations that a medical professional will take into consideration when speaking with a patient and their family members. Some of these issues may include:

-Trouble remembering information

-Inability to utilize information that has been learned

-Trouble following instructions

-Inadequate problem solving

-Limited language abilities

-Inability to socialize normally with others

-Inability to properly manage self hygiene

-Trouble focusing on one task at a time and being able to focus on it to completion

Income Levels

Of course, even if a patient has been diagnosed with autism and has a record of ongoing medical concerns related to their condition, a family’s household income must fall into a certain range in order to qualify for any kind of social security coverage. Each state will vary with this amount and more information will be needed during the application process. For more information, you can visit the Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation. If a person with autism has worked a job that provides social security funds as part of its benefits package, and that patient can no longer work, then this allows for a patient to potentially receive social security disability coverage. There are distinct parameters for this type of assistance as well and should be reviewed prior to starting the application process. When a child reaches the age where they no longer can receive coverage as a child, then there are different processes that one can go through in order to receive monetary contributions in relation to social security.

Making the diagnosis happen for a person with autism can occur through a series of tests that take into account language abilities, communication, social interaction, repetitive behaviors, etc. As much as one third of people with autism will not show speech issues though they may have trouble interacting with others or focusing on daily tasks at hand. Only a medical professional can make the diagnosis of autism and therefore, will play a big role in a person accessing social security insurance. There are other related conditions like Asperger’s Syndrome, which do not qualify. A medical professional will make the final decision.