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Autism and Other Disorders

What are the Three Types of Autism Spectrum Disorders?
What is High-Functioning Autism?
What is Asperger’s Syndrome?
What are Pervasive Developmental Disorders?
How Does Pervasive Developmental Disorder Differ from Asperger’s Syndrome?
What is Oppositional Defiant Disorder?
What is Rett Syndrome?
What is Social Communication Disorder?
What is Verbal Behavior?
What is Childhood Disintegrative Disorder?
What Causes Autism?
Does the MMR Vaccine Cause Autism?
What is the DSM-V?
How Are Children with Autism Diagnosed?
Can a Child with Autism be Cured?
What Can Be Done to Prevent Autism?
Who Was the First Person to be Diagnosed with Autism?
What Was It Called Before Autism?
How Does a Child Develop Autism?
Hereditary Components of Autism
Twin Studies and Autism

How Do I Know When My Child is Ready to Be Mainstreamed?

How Can I Teach a Child with Autism Self-Help Skills?

Featured Programs

Is Autism Common? 

How Can I Handle Challenging Behavior From a Child with Autism?

How do I Know if My Child Has RAD?

How Can you Prevent or Replace Attention-Seeking Behavior?

How Can you Treat Sensory-Seeking Behavior?


ABA and Other Therapies

How is Autism Treated?
What are the Key Components in Applied Behavior Analysis?
Is Applied Behavior Analysis Only for Small Children?
How Can Applied Behavior Analysts Help Adults with Autism?
How do Occupational Therapists work with Applied Behavior Analysts?
What Role Does the Parent Play in Applied Behavior Analysis?

How Positive Reinforcement is Used in ABA

How Does Research Support Applied Behavior Analysis?


Therapeutic Techniques

What Types of Interventions do Applied Behavioral Analysts Use?
What is the Lovaas Approach?
What is an IEP?
How Can an IEP Help Someone with Autism?
How Does Behavioral Learning Benefit Children with Autism?
How Does Occupational Therapy Benefit A Child with Autism?
What is Discrete Trial Teaching?
What is Naturalistic Teaching?
What is Picture Education Communication System (PECS)?
What is Pivotal Response Treatment?
What is Play Therapy?
What is the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule?
What is the Early Start Denver Model?
What is the M-CHAT-R?
What is the TEACCH Method?
What is Visual Scheduling?

How to Collect Data on the ABCs of Behavior

What is the Imitation Method of Teaching?

What Are Verbal Operants?

How can I Create an Evidence-Based Classroom?

Is EFT Tapping Effective with Those with Autism?

What are the Characteristics of a Teacher Using ABA?



Careers and Training

What Careers Are Available for an Applied Behavior Analyst with a Concentration in Autism Spectrum Disorder?
What are the Most Common Job Settings for a Behavior Analyst?
What is the Average Salary of an Applied Behavior Analyst?
How does Someone Become an Applied Behavior Analyst?
Do I Need A PhD To Be An Applied Behavior Analyst?
What is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)?
What is the difference between Applied Behavior Analyst (ABA) and BCBA?
Are Substance Abuse Courses Included In Applied Behavior Analysis Programs?