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What is the Average Salary of an Applied Behavior Analyst?

The typical salary of an applied behavior analyst professional is just above $55,000 a year, but there are many other factors to consider when someone takes a job in the field. This article explains how the field has expanded over the years, and there is a look at how someone may make much more than the national average. Salaries are balanced by low and high areas, and someone looking for better pay will find it in certain places.

The Low End

The average salary of someone who does this work will remain lower if they are doing government work. The government cannot afford to pay anyone too much money, and the analyst may need to leave their government job if they wish to make more money. Their options are increased when they start to look in the private sector, and there are many places to look.

The High End Of The Scale

The scale for pay in the industry is quite large when someone enters the private sector, and they will find many different jobs that will serve them well. Someone who has done their research may double or triple their pay for the same work, and they may have more flexibility than they did in the past. Private practice is popular, and there are many corporations that need an analyst working with their staff.

What Do Corporations Want?

A large company may hire an applied behavior analyst to work with their staff, and they will use the reports offered about their staff to ensure they know where each person will succeed. The private companies hiring analysts tend to keep them on-staff as they are helpful when working with new hires, the analyst will spend their days conducting interviews or helping employees improve productivity.

Consulting Work

There are quite a lot of consultants in the private sector who are searching for work with many different businesses. They may work for government agencies from the outside, or they may do contract work with large companies. Consultants may work with TV shows or movies, and they may come in to help a private practice with their most-difficult clients. The consultant will come and go as they please, and they may do quite a lot of their work from home. It is a simpler life for the scientist, and they will make as much money as they would in a full-time job. The best of the consultants will triple their salary, and they bring up the average for everyone.

Keeping Two Or More Job

Contractors may take multiple positions in the industry when they know they may carry all the hours needed to do the work. Someone who is working with with three or four companies at a time will have time for 15-20 hours for each company when they are spread out across the week. Analysts may increase their pay by doing more work, and they will reach more people when working with more companies or organizations.

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Analysts may take government work, go into consulting or work in the private sector. Everyone has their own choice to make, and each choice changes their salary. The salary of applied behavior analyst workers will change depending on where they choose to work, what they are doing and who they report to.