Where Do Applied Behavior Analysts Work?

An applied behavior analyst is a type of psychologist, and many people interested in this career might ask, “Where do applied behavior analysts work?” Employers across many different industries may hire these professionals, while other individuals might prefer to operate their own independent practice as an applied behavior analyst. Becoming familiar with the career settings and locations of where an applied behavior analyst works could help a person narrow down the types of jobs to which they apply.

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Industries of Employment for Applied Behavior Analysts

There are many industries of employment for applied behavior analysts. School systems, including public and private, may hire them in order to perform cognitive testing and counseling services. Large corporations may also hire them as industrial or organizational psychologists. There, they would work as part of the human resources, staff development or healthcare team. Some of the other industries that hire applied behavior analysts include hospitals, clinics, government organizations, and government-operated mental health hospitals.

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Types of Facilities Where Applied Behavior Analysts Work

Most applied behavior analysts work in an office setting. Their office might be located in a school or administrative building at a university. Others may have an office within a corporation’s headquarters. Applied behavior analysts who work in a healthcare setting may be located in a large hospital or in an adjacent office building that is a part of the medical services campus. Some applied behavior analysts are in private practice. They may have their practice in an office suite or in an office that is attached to their home.

Top States for Applied Behavior Analyst Jobs

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the five states with the greatest number of jobs for applied behavior analysts are California, Florida, Massachusetts, Texas, and Maryland. When adjusting for the population of the state, the five states or districts with the highest concentration of applied behavior analyst jobs are the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Montana. California and Maryland are the two states with the highest average median wage for these specialty psychologists, averaging $54 or more per hour as of May 2018. Rural southeastern Alabama also has a high concentration of applied behavior analysts.

Top Cities and Metropolitan Areas for Applied Behavior Analyst Jobs

Most applied behavior analyst jobs are located in large cities or metropolitan areas. This is due to most companies and government organizations having their headquarters or primary office locations within large metro areas. The top five cities for the highest number of applied behavior analysts include Boston, Cambridge and Nashua; Washington, D.C., Alexandria and Arlington; Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach; New York, Newark, and Jersey City; and Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and Bloomington. When adjusting for city or metropolitan population numbers, the five cities or areas with the greatest concentration of applied behavior analyst jobs are Pensacola, Modesto, Dayton, New Haven, and Roanoke.

Applied behavior analysts work in many different job settings. While they usually work business hours, they may need to be available on evenings and weekends, especially if a crisis or urgent matter develops with one of their clients or within the community or organization where they work. Knowing the answer to the question of, “Where do applied behavior analysts work?” could help a person make an informed decision about their future career.