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5 Great Apps for Special Education Teachers

5 Must-Have Apps for Special Education Instructors

  • Clicker Docs
  • Montessori Numbers
  • The Social Express
  • SymbolSupport
  • Time Timer

Education and technology have become intrinsically intertwined, as shared by Forbes. Educational technology platforms, apps, and machines have swept the world, from classrooms in Nigeria and India to learning labs in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Technological tools to assist educators in teaching, planning, and designing curriculum have become highly and inexpensively accessible – and as simple to download as a simple click or tap. Here are five must-have apps for special education teachers.

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1. Clicker Docs

One of the most highly recommended apps for use in special education classrooms, Clicker Docs helps special needs students to create highly effective documents utilizing a phone or tablet. A variety of features are included, such as text prediction, automatic grammar and spelling correction, and vocabulary customization and advancement. Useful for children with all kinds of disabilities, Clicker Docs helps special needs children to advance in writing and vocabulary skills.

2. Montessori Numbers

Especially helpful for kids with mathematical learning disabilities, Montessori Numbers helps special needs kids become math pros, utilizing highly visual methods for students to solve problems and equations. Because special needs students are often visual learners, the app strongly utilizes that learning style to help them learn math more easily and effectively. This app is also helpful for students for whom kinesthetic or movement-based learning is important, and through the use of repetitive visual elements, helps students more easily retain knowledge of how numbers and equation formats work.

3. The Social Express

The Social Express app is an incredible resource for autistic children, as well as kids with other disabilities for whom developing social connections and skills can be difficult. The app helps kids learn appropriate responses in different social situations and with different kinds of people, from parents and teachers to classmates and playmates. Not only can The Social Express app assist special education teachers to increase social stability in the classroom but also help special needs kids to form meaningful and more connective relationships with the people in their day to day lives.

4. SymbolSupport

Especially helpful to kids who struggle with words or cognitive and reading disabilities, SymbolSupport translates words into symbols and pictures to help children more easily digest written information. App users can also copy and paste whole documents into SymbolSupport, which will automatically translate the text in question into pictures. Its sister app, SymbolSupport Viewer, allows app users to receive SymbolSupport documents from other users to read and print, making it a fantastically collaborative app – especially between teachers and students.

5. Time Timer

Time Timer is a fantastic app for kids with disabilities who struggle with telling or measuring time. Utilizing a visual representation of time rather than numbers, it quickly and easily helps kids understand how much time they have to complete a task – or how much time they have left to finish the assigned material. Time Timer is especially useful to children with dyscalculia or other number-related disabilities.

Each one of these apps addresses different types of disabilities and special needs in the classroom, and can help special needs kids be much more successful in the classroom – and special education teachers to more easily adapt to the varying needs of every child they teach.