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5 Great Jobs for Individuals with Autism

Those individuals who have some form of Autism should not be discouraged when career searching as there are several great job opportunities. There are several viable options in which they can thrive socially and business wise. After completing a college degree, it is time to begin looking for jobs that would be interested in your particular skills. It will be easiest for an individual with Autism to find a job in the field that they studied. Employers seek out qualified workers who have developed some expertise in their particular field. Here are 5 great jobs for individuals with Autism.

1. Statistician

A job as a statistician offers an excellent opportunity for individuals with Autism. The chances of getting a position in this field are relatively high due to a few factors. Primarily, almost every field or industry deals with some form of statistics, making the demand very high. Additionally, not many people seek out this job, making the competition low. Those individuals with Autism who have a knack for numbers and memorization have a high chance of excelling at this position.

2. Data Entry

Data entry is another position that has a high demand as it is required in almost every field. Data entry is a very stable and reliable position. This is a great job for individuals with Autism because of the very structured and predictable environment it offers. There will not be many surprises or changes within this position. Another great thing about data entry is that the job is fairly straightforward and easy to learn.

3. Library Sciences

For those individuals with Autism who are more non-visual thinkers, the field of library sciences provides a great opportunity. This job will see most individuals working in a library and helping with many different tasks such as organizing books and other materials to helping people locate books within the library. This provides individuals with a very low-stress job and quiet environment in which to conduct their work. University and local libraries are great places to begin searching for available for positions.

4. Computer Programming

Recommended by Forbes Magazine, the field of computer programming is another great option for those who fall on the Autism Spectrum. Forbes states, “This [computer programming] is a diverse field with many different job types available.” Individuals choosing to pursue this field can find positions in software design, business communications and more. Also, there is a high-chance for employment as Forbes continues to explain, “There is almost always a shortage of good programmers in business and industrial fields.” For those individuals who enjoy working with computers, this field may provide a great job opportunity.

5. Office Aid

Similar to a position in the field of library sciences, a job of an office aid is another great one for those with Autism. This position is available at any businesses looking for an office aid to help with a variety of different tasks around the work environment. The variety of tasks that would be required in this position is an excellent choice for those individuals with short attention spans. An office aid would most likely be completing necessary tasks around an office to help facilitate smoother work flow. These tasks could include organizing and filing documents, clearing space, fixing computers and any other thing that needs to be completed.

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The key when finding a job for an individual with Autism is to focus on their strengths, such as enhanced long-term memory. When paired with an expertise in a particular field, this skill is highly valuable for employers. Finding a great job for individuals with Autism is very possible; it just requires some patience and creativity.