The Best Autism Podcast Programs for Parents

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines what technically is known as Autism Spectrum Disorder as a group of developmental disabilities. These developmental disabilities can cause what are described as significant social, communication, and behavioral challenges for an individual on the spectrum. In addition, a child with an ASD diagnosis results in unique challenges for parents as well. According to the CDC, approximately one in 59 children are classified on the autism spectrum.

We highlight some of the top autism podcast programs for parents and others who want to learn more about ASD.  Podcasts allow listeners to learn unique topics from experts or others in the know.  The podcasts below provide diverse perspectives on ASD and what it is like to share life with an individual on the spectrum.

  • The Autism Helper Podcast
  • Turn Autism Around
  • Josh Has Autism
  • Adventures in Autism
  • ASF Weekly Science Podcasts
  • Spectrum Autism Research
  • Autastic: A Comedians Guide to Autism
  • All Autism Talk
  • ABA Inside Track
  • Naturally Recovering Autism with Karen Thomas
  • Adulting on the Spectrum
  • Autism POVs
  • Chit Chat with Hope
  • Dad’s Home

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Featured Programs

1. The Autism Helper Podcast

The Autism Helper Podcast has garnered considerable praise since it launched in November 2018. The podcast broadcasts on a daily basis. The focus of the podcast is on providing parents with other tactics and strategies designed to improve the lives of children with autism. The podcast features appearances by experts in the field as well as parents of children diagnosed with autism.

2. Turn Autism Around

Turn Autism Around explores autism from a variety of different perspectives. The podcast focuses on how parents and professionals alike view and address autism in the family. Turn Autism Around presents discussions of ways in which parents of children on the autism spectrum can “turn things around” and assist their sons and daughters to optimize their lives. Turn Autism Around airs once a week.

3. Josh Has Autism

On the air since 2017, Josh Has Autism is a very personal look at living with a child on the autism spectrum. Josh Has Autism features Sonya King and her son Josh. Josh is diagnosed on the autism spectrum and lives with Sonya. In addition to candid discussions by the pair of hosts, an array of different types of guests are featured on the podcast. These guests include autism experts as well as other individuals on the spectrum and their family members.

4. Adventures in Autism

A weekly podcast, Adventures in Autism presents people with autism on individual podcasts. These individuals share their own stories and experiences “living on the spectrum.” In addition, Adventures in Autism welcomes family members onto the monthly podcast for candid discussions about living with a child or other loved one with autism.

5. ASF Weekly Science Podcasts

One of the longest-running podcasts, ASF Weekly Science Podcasts has run weekly since July 2015. The podcast is the creation of the Autism Science Foundation. ASF Weekly Science Podcasts is hosted by ASF Chief Science Officer Alycia Halladay. The podcast presents the latest in research and related news each week. The podcast does feature special guests from time to time that discusses research developments in greater detail.

6. Spectrum Autism Research

Spectrum is a one-stop shop for the latest news and analysis about autism research.  They review the latest autism papers and select some of the best for expert commentary.  This approach allows them to get a variety of opinions on current trends and controversies in the autism community.  Spectrum is one of the best informational podcasts for listeners looking for the latest and greatest information about autism.

7. Autastic: A Comedians Guide to Autism

The Autastic podcast was created by family members of individuals on the spectrum. Graham Kay and Kirk Smith use humor as they discuss ASD.  This judgment-free autism podcast provides a totally relatable perspective for parents and anyone else living life with someone on the spectrum.

8. All Autism Talk

One of the best podcasts for parents who want to make connections is All Autism Talk.  Each podcast features inspiring individuals making their mark in the autism community.  Some recent podcast topics have covered areas like autism culture and the words we use when discussing autism.

Featured Programs

9. ABA Inside Track

The ABA Inside Track podcast is focused on applied behavior analysis and the evidence-based research that fuels this popular therapy.  Enjoy a lively discussion between two BCBA-D’s to gain valuable insights and new perspectives.  Recent episodes cover areas like facilitated communication and the applications of trauma-informed care.  A new episode comes out each week.

10. Naturally Recovering Autism with Karen Thomas

When Karen Thomas was told that her son’s autism symptoms would never improve, she didn’t take no for an answer.  Her own personal research and experience helped her son defy the odds and recover.  This is one of the best podcasts for parents who want to learn how to help their loved one improve communication and social abilities.  Some recent topics include:

  • Holiday Eating and Behavior
  • What Causes Leaky Gut and How to Regain Your Child’s Health with Autism
  • Mitochondria Disease and Autism with Dr. Fran Kendall

11. Adulting on the Spectrum

A podcast dedicated to autistic adults, Adulting on the Spectrum focuses of the highs and lows of life on the spectrum.  The interview series invites interesting adults with ASD to discuss their life and challenges in an open and honest forum.  Recent episodes include:

  • Autism and Religion
  • Constructed Language, Job Hunting and Pokémon
  • Love on the Spectrum

12. Autism POVs

Autism POVs in a podcast from the advocacy organization, Autism Speaks.  This periodic podcast includes episodes that relate to current trends and issues facing people with autism.  Topics are meant to provide information and empower the autistic community.  Recent podcast episode titles include:

  • COVID Vaccine Safety
  • Health Disparities in the Black Autistic Community
  • Practical Financial Tips to Help Plan for the Future

13.  Chit Chat with Hope

Chit Chat with Hope is one of the best parenting podcasts for toddlers newly diagnosed on the spectrum.  This weekly podcast takes a look at the daily lives of children and families navigating life on the spectrum.  Listeners can look forward to engaging episodes like:

  • Routines help children to manage their time and behavior better
  • Tips for being a parent of a newly diagnosed child with autism
  • Grief, loss and the dream child

14.  Dad’s Home: Parenting, Autism and Figuring it Out

A father presents his experience parenting four children, including one with ASD.  He shares a personal glimpse into the life of his family and the issues they face.  Podcast episodes explore the importance of self-care, sibling issues, and stress (along with lots of other topics!)

Parents with autistic children can face significant barriers to necessary care as well as troubling gaps in services, according to Medical Xpress, a healthcare news service. Consequently, autism podcasts like those discussed here prove to be important resources for parents with sons and daughters on the autism spectrum.