Bellevue College


ABA Programs Available at Bellevue College

Bellevue College is also featured in our ranking of the 30 Best Colleges for Students on the Autism Spectrum.

Bellevue College offers opportunities for students who want to study Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) through its Department of Psychology. The Psychology Club hosts regular meetings where students discuss the social sciences in and around Seattle, including internship postings and current trends. Those with the highest grades can join Psi Chi and take part in programs that are only open to honors students. Bellevue can also help students find internships with local schools and counselors.

An associate degree program is available for transfer students that features a concentration in psychology. Students should only enroll in this program if they want to attend a four-year program later. They must take some lower-level courses such as Lifespan Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, and Theories of Personality. Psychology majors work with an advisor to make sure that they take all their required classes and to get help before they transfer to another school. Bellevue allows students to look at the psychology of groups and individuals as well as forensic psychology and industrial and organizational psychology. Majors will take some general education classes too.

Another program that might interest future ABA professionals is the early learning and teacher education program. Formerly known as the early childhood education major, it allows students to take online, evening or daytime classes. Students can earn an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) or an Associate of Arts (AA) degree. They will need to take some prerequisites through Bellevue College or another college first. Both programs prepare students for working with young children and includes courses on working with those who have disabilities. The available classes include Introduction to Early Childhood Education, Language and Literacy Development, Child Development, Exceptional Child, and Observation and Assessment. There are two practicums in the program too.

The Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Health and Wellness can prepare students for helping those with disabilities and disorders too. It looks at how individuals can promote health and wellness programs and how those programs can help patients. Students will take some prerequisites before taking core classes, including Applied Research Methods, Intercultural Health Communication and Health Behavior – Understanding and Effecting Change. Bellevue College also offers a parent education program that is available at specific centers across Seattle. These courses allow students to learn from the parents of children on the autism spectrum.

About Bellevue College

Bellevue College is a public college located in the Washington city of the same name, which is close to Seattle. The Bellevue School District established the college in 1966 as a school for students living in and around Lake Washington. More than 400 students signed up for classes in social sciences and English as well as for the vocational programs offered by the college. During the early years, the college also offered classes to help students earn their high school diplomas. The number of courses and programs available grew in the 1970s and recent years as students requested new options. Also known as BC and Bellevue, the college offers classes on the main campus in Bellevue and the East Campus in Issaquah, which the college plans to further develop in the future. The main campus also offers classes for adult and nontraditional students, which helped enrollment climb to more than 32,000 students.

Bellevue College Accreditation Details

Bellevue has the same regional accreditation that other colleges in Washington have, which comes from the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU). This is the accreditation that helps students get the financial aid that they need from the federal and state governments when they file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students can transfer to another school to work on a bachelor’s degree or graduate degree and bring credits to Bellevue as long as the other schools have regional accreditation. The college has accreditation for its radiologic technology, allied health, and nursing programs too.

Bellevue College Application Requirements

It typically takes the college up to seven business days to process applications once it receives all required information from an applicant. Students can click a link to start the application and to view the required steps. Though the college charges a $55 application fee, it does not ask that students pay this fee when they apply. It will add the amount to the student’s balance and let the applicant pay it at a later date or with their financial aid. If a student decides against attending the college, Bellevue will not require that he or she pay the fee. Students can submit a high school transcript or a test score to the college too. If they transfer credits, they need to provide a college transcript.

Bellevue offers programs for high school students, including dual enrollment options during the school year and an enrichment track during the summer. When applying to those programs, students need to show proof that their guidance counselors approved them. Students who are under the age of 18 can apply to the college too. They need to show that they are emancipated minors or that they have permission from their parents to apply.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Students must pay the balances due on their accounts by the deadline each semester or risk the college pulling them from their classes. For classes at the 299 level and lower, they’ll pay $288.13 per credit hour as a nonresident and $110.26 per credit hour as a Washington resident. For advanced courses, they pay $215.11 per credit hour as a resident and $614.53 per credit hour as a nonresident. Students also pay a comprehensive fee that the college caps at $15 per semester and a technology fee of $3.50 per credit hour taken.

The BC Financial Aid Portal is an online resource that lets students check on the status of their financial aid packages. They will need to log in to their accounts to check that information. BC offers financial aid for students who still live with their parents and those who live on their own. Students usually qualify for both loans and work-study. Those programs come from the federal government. BC will disperse the aid at the beginning of the semester and let students use their packages to cover their direct and indirect costs. All the health, psychology and other programs related to ABA at Bellevue College offer financial aid.