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University of Hawaii at Manoa

The University of Hawaii at Manoa is also featured in our ranking Top 20 Applied Behavior Analysis Bachelor’s Degree and BCaBA Coursework Programs.

Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst Program

ABA therapists work with patients and clients who have autism and related conditions. They teach their clients how to interact with others, including the students in their classes and their family and friends at home. Clients also learn how to do simple tasks, including tying their shoes and getting dressed in the morning. Those who want to work with clients need to have a certificate from the Behavior Analyst Certification Board. To get their certificates, they must have a graduate degree, some experience in the field and pass the exam offered by that organization.

One way students can gain the experience that they need and take some of the courses required for taking that exam is through the ABA program offered by the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Though this is an online program, it includes some interaction with professors on the campus. Students living in other parts of Hawaii can come to the campus on Saturdays for those meetings. Those living in other states can make arrangements to talk with their professors online.

This program includes just six courses such as Language Development and Intervention with Severe Autism and Ethics and Professional Conduct. Students also take Advanced Applied Behavior Analysis, Positive Behavior Support, Principles of Behavior and Assessment and Instruction with Severe Autism. The university also offers a practicum option that allows students to gain the necessary experience they need when working with clients. Students earn course credit as they work in the field over the course of five semesters. The University of Hawaii at Manoa can find field placements for ABA students.

About University of Hawaii at Manoa

The University of Hawaii is the predominant public university system in Hawaii. It operates campuses on the Big Island and on other islands to meet the needs of residents and students coming from other states and countries. Established in 1907 when a local politician created plans for a college that focused on mechanical and agricultural subjects, plans went through after the government passed the motion for the new school. Construction started the next year, and the doors opened soon after. The college moved to a new location in Manoa in 1912 and became the College of Hawaii. It would later become the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Though this is its official name, some call it UH, UH Manoa or the University of Hawaii. The university added new departments and colleges as it took over the operations of other schools such as a normal school, which became the basis for its College of Education.

ARWU ranks UH Manoa as one of the top 200 schools in the world and as one of the top 70 colleges in the United States. Both Washington Monthly and U.S. News and World Report rank the University of Hawaii as one of the top American colleges. Some of the university’s programs that rank as the best in the nation include those in education, clinical psychology, social work, nursing, and law. UH Manoa added new distance education programs that include online courses too. As the flagship campus in the University of Hawaii system, the Manoa campus alone has an enrollment of more than 17,000 students.

University of Hawaii at Manoa Accreditation Details

Even students who dreamed of attending UH Manoa for years should still look at its accreditation before they apply. This university has the regional accreditation that allows students to seek out any of the financial aid that they might need. It comes from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges Senior College and University Commission (WASCSCUC). Accreditation from the WASCSCU also allows students to bring some credits with them into a new degree program. UH Manoa has specialty accreditation for its nutrition, nursing, law, psychology, dental, public health and other programs also.

University of Hawaii at Manoa Application Requirements

The ABA program that UH Manoa offers is part of its Outreach College. Designed to help those who already have degrees and those who want to supplement their degrees, the Outreach College offers a number of certificate programs. Students must submit their applications by the deadline established by the university. The deadline for fall applications is August 3, December 15 for the spring term and May 5 for the summer term. Students can also start during the second summer term if they submit their applications by June 15.

Those applying to the Outreach College can have a high school diploma or a bachelor’s and/or master’s degree. The ABA program includes courses at the graduate level and looks for those who have a graduate degree or some experience at that level. Students must submit the UH Manoa online application and send in their official transcripts. The university does not require that they submit letters of recommendation or test scores though. It notifies students within five days of receiving their applications whether they can start classes. Accepted students can then go online and register for classes in this program.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for almost any student who needs help. As the ABA program awards students certificates rather than degrees, most students do not get as much financial aid as they would in a degree program. Though some students may have the option of borrowing from the federal government, it depends on how much they borrowed in their undergrad and graduate programs. The government has a maximum limit that students can borrow while in school. There are private lenders who will loan money to students if they have good credit scores and a solid credit history. UH Manoa recommends that students secure their funding before they begin classes. A special funding program is also available for ABA program students through the Department of Special Education at the university and the Hawaii Department of Education.

Prospective students can look at the cost of attending UH Manoa before applying. Certificate students typically pay the same rate that grad students do. All students pay $462 per credit hour for any course up to the 499 level. Courses taken at or above the 500 level cost $650 per credit hour. Students will also pay for any supplies they need, which will include textbooks and other materials. The University of Hawaii at Manoa charges rates that are comparable to those charged by other public colleges in the state.