5 Learning Activities for Your Child During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Children and COVID-19 Isolation: Five Great Learning Activities to Help Pass the Time

  • Play the Rhyming Game
  • Play Mad-Libs
  • Get Into Nature Watching
  • Experiment and Learn New Recipes
  • Tap Into Science Fun Around the House

Learning activities are among some of the best tools one can utilize in keeping children constructively occupied while stuck at home for any long period of time. When these activities can be carried out without the need for a trip out, that can be even better. The following five learning activities are some great options for those hunkering down right now and making the best of it with the kids.

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1. Play the Rhyming Game

Even many adults can really get into a few fun rounds of the rhyming game. In the rhyming game, any number of players take turns saying a word that rhymes with the word said by the player before them. To make things even more interesting, additional parameters and rules can be introduced such as score-keeping, rhymes required to be of a certain subject matter area, or even players having to actually spell their rhyming word or even attempt to say or spell it backward.

2. Play Mad-Libs

Anyone who has ever played the popular story-completion game Mad-Libs knows that this game can quickly transform into a real laugh fest. That’s in addition to it being educational and teaching and reinforcing language arts concepts such as adjective use, adverb use, proper noun use, and more. There are a number of free online Mad-Libs-style story templates you can print out and use, or simply make your own story with well-placed blanks to be filled in by your partner player.

3. Get Into Nature Watching

Getting into nature and nature watching can be a soothing and educational experience for just about anyone. Even in highly urban environments, plants, animals, and insects can be found thriving and ready for study inside and outside of the home. One very popular and enjoyable way to get into this great pastime is by building a DIY birdfeeder and then watching and cataloging the birds and other wildlife that visit it in the hours and days to come. The experts at Good Housekeeping offer a number of great and very easy ideas for DIY birdfeeders just about anyone can make at home.

4. Experiment and Learn New Recipes

The kitchen itself is a great place for adult and child learning and bonding to take place. As cooking itself is much like a tasty sub-study of chemistry, hours can be spent here developing and experimenting with new edible concoctions of all sorts. It is important to remember, though, that proper kitchen safety should always be practiced while the fun times roll here.

5. Tap Into Science Fun Around the House

While again keeping safety in mind first, there are typically many different kinds of fun and educational science experiments one can engage in around the house with the kids at virtually any time. For some great ideas getting started, the experts at Business Insider have published a great list worth a try. Bonus points go to the parents that take the time to explain the physics-based reasons for what the child may witness in each experiment.

It can sometimes be tough to stay isolated at home such as in the current COVID-19 situation faced by so many right now. However, a quick look to the world of fun learning activities one can engage in easily at home can really save the day. These five activities are among some of those excellent options just right for those at home with the kids.