5 Ways to Increase your Salary as an Applied Behavior Analyst

As an applied behavior analysts, you are constantly assessing behavior, developing modifications, and motivating others to achieve positive behavioral change and personal growth. Although you enjoy a respectable average starting salary of $40,000 to $60,000 per year, increasing your applied behavior analyst salary is an admirable professional growth goal. The following opportunities can lead to increased professional, financial, and personal satisfaction, and advancement.

Offer Online Consultation and Coaching

Since you have already completed a graduate program to achieve Board Certification as an applied behavior analyst, you have all the training you need to consult with families and professionals. In fact, if you’re currently working for an agency or school, the lion’s share of you work responsibilities entail just that, so developing an online private consulting practice is well within your reach. Coaching parents and teachers through Skype, Facetime, or other online meeting space is a convenient way to expand your professional opportunities at minimal additional cost. If you are unsure of how much to charge, consult with a recognized professional organization such as the Association for Behavior Analysis International.

Develop Your Own Materials

Whether your specialty is autism spectrum disorders, geriatrics or developmental disabilities or head trauma, parents, teachers, and other professionals are always looking for professionally produced print or eBooks, games, and other products that you can sell to increase your applied behavior analyst salary. Moreover, if you have advanced training, you can also create functional behavioral assessment scales, goal writing tools, and other items to enhance the professional practice of fellow applied behavior analysts.

Host Workshops, Conduct Continuing Education Classes, or Teach in an Applied Behavior Analysis Program

If you’ve got a few years of professional experience under your belt, teaching is a great way to augment your income as an applied behavior analyst. Whether you choose to create your own workshop, partner with an established continuing education provider, or teach in an approved program, you’ll be in a powerful position to shape the next generation of applied behavior analysts, as well as the professional field itself. As is the case with online coaching, checking with a professional organization will help you determine which course topics others would like to learn about and what fee structure is appropriate if you decide to teach independently.

Consider Adding a Specialty Area

If you’re open to returning to school, now can be a good time to consider joining an income-boosting specialty. Some popular areas that can increase your applied behavior analyst salary include applied animal behavior, organizational behavioral management, and medication compliance management. Joining a new specialty community can also enhance your professional prospects by providing fresh, new opportunities to prevent burnout.

Become an Expert Witness

Becoming an expert witness can provide additional applied behavior analyst income. Speaking on behalf of clients can be rewarding both personally and financially. It can also help you further hone your public presentation skills that can potentially help you win new clients. The increased exposure that you gain can also help you develop new connections. Professionals admire other professionals in such settings all the time and end up calling on them later. Court day could very likely be your lucky day.

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Whether you choose to use your existing skills or expand your skill set, there are many opportunities to spur your own financial growth as an applied behavior analyst. Carefully researching your options and reflecting on your own professional practice will help you choose the option that results in the best professional, financial, and personal growth opportunities for you.