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A future of service awaits those who pursue a degree in Applied Behavior Analysis. It takes a special type of person to commit to this area of study. Capella University offers a unique program aimed at preparing students for a future in counseling and research. Our program assists students in finding solutions to the daily complications faced by individuals with behavioral disorders. The courses provided offer a detailed approach to the complexities of these issues in a variety of patients.

The Master’s program is available completely online. These courses are aimed at assisting students in acquiring the necessary skills to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). The program is set up to guide students towards this goal with a variety of core classes. These classes help to provide a proper foundation for the more specialized courses later in the program. A large project finalizes the accumulation of knowledge from the rest of the program.

Capella University originated in 1993 and was originally called The Graduate School of America. Stephen Shank and Dr. Harold Abel founded the establishment. Both individuals come from a successful professional and educational background. Abel was the acting president of Castleton State College, Walden University, and Central Michigan University. Sank headed up the Tonka Corporation as the CEO. They worked quickly towards accreditation for the university and received this in 1997.

Featured Programs

The college was renamed Capella University and added undergraduate programs starting in the year 2000. By 2008 the Capella Education Co. was large enough to take over the majority of their office building in Minneapolis. The building was soon renamed the Capella Tower. The entirety of office personnel is now housed in this building. The expansion and success of Capella University led to the end of open enrollment polices in 2010. This same year, Capella University earned the CHEA Award for Outstanding Institutional Practice in Student Learning Outcomes. This honor was given to a total of four school, ensuring outstanding performance by its recipients.

Capella University Accreditation Details

Capella University and its staff have worked hard to achieve proper accreditation. Schools with these certifications are often more desirable for students with career based goals. The most important accomplishment for the Applied Behavior Analysis Program is the accreditation by The Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP). Other Accreditations are listed below.

” Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, 2014

” Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, 2011

” National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education

” Regional accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission

Capella University strives to offer comprehensive programs taught by properly educated staff. These accreditations show its dedication to excellence and the support its many students.

Application Requirements

Capella University prefers to match prospective students with an enrollment counselor to discuss attendance at the school. This is to help students achieve realistic expectations about their availability and finances. This can be especially important for those who are working full-time while achieving their degree. They also offer free trial week in a class to help you better decide on your educational goals.

  • The application process is started online and begins with the entrance of personal information. Prepare by having your social security number available. This is absolutely necessary for identification and financial aid.
  • Capella University goes a step further than most institutions when it comes to acquiring transcripts. Your requests are funded and submitted by Capella. This can be extremely helpful for students on a budget. Transfer credits are also reviewed and applied for by Capella. These actions take a lot of stress off of the students.
  • Employment assistance is offered by many establishments. Capella can help you research this when you supply the name of your current employer.
  • The financial aid application can be completed during enrollment or at a later date.
  • An application fee of $50 will be applied.
  • Master’s programs require proof of a proper undergraduate degree.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Capella knows that the cost of a degree is a major obstacle for many people. The fees for each program are detailed for you during you initial consultation. Take a look at the basic costs for this degree plan.

  • Master’s Degrees average about $424-$780
  • FlexPath Option (this relies on a 12-week billing per session), $2,300- $2,500
  • Residency costs $1,495
  • Residence (week) – $1,495
  • Residence (weekend) – $275-$300
  • Year-in-residence (including extended seminar)- $2,990

There are additional fees, however. These are clearly stated upfront.

Featured Programs

  • Application fee $50
  • ID Card replacement $15
  • International transcript evaluation fee $100
  • Undergraduate prior learning Assessment $75
  • Graduate prior learning assessment $125
  • Textbooks, about $196 each quarter
  • Travel for residencies, costs may vary
  • Quarterly resource kit $125-$175

Be sure to assess costs of personal necessities for program completion. Many students forget to add in their computer, printer, and research costs. This can change the full cost of tuition, and it is in addition to the posted estimated costs.

Program Details

Capella’s ABA program appears in our ranking: Best Online Master’s in Applied Behavior Analysis.

The applied behavior analysis program is meant to get you ready for immediate entrance into the working world. Once you complete the core and specialty classes, you must apply for a residency. These are offered with working students in mind. There are weekend residencies and one week long residencies. There is also an extended residency for students who have the time. This is a detailed program with a long-term commitment.

This is a certificate program that allows you to work in the field as soon as you graduate. This program alleviates the need to pursue further professional requirements. Careers in this specialty are more than just counseling. You are prepared to analyze complex disorders in patients of all ages. This is a specialty program that requires a sincere interest.

Capella University strives to offer flexible and thorough degree programs for young students, as well as adult, working students. The university prides itself on student body variety. The founders of Capella have taken the time to seek out proper accreditation to make all degrees viable in the workplace. All of this is accomplished with affordability in mind. Pursue the career of your dreams at Capella University today.